Everything You Should Know About Dark Pattern

Interactive website design is one of the greatest requirements of website owners because this is the element that can keep the users engaged for hours. Ensuring an immersive experience to the website users is the … Read More

Dark Pattern

Interactive website design is one of the greatest requirements of website owners because this is the element that can keep the users engaged for hours. Ensuring an immersive experience to the website users is the wish of every website provider; however, to ensure that some often start following the negative practices like the dark pattern.

What is Dark Pattern?

A dark pattern is the amalgamation of design tricks that manipulate the users to take the actions they did not want or desired. Dark patterns are so smoothly infused in the design that the users have no other choice than to submit to the requirement in order to continue with the website. However, you need to remember that not all users will submit to these tricks and abandon your site, which will negatively impact its rankings.

Check out this article to explore everything you should know about dark patterns and avoid the practices causing a bad user experience on your website.

Top 7 Types of Dark Patterns You Should Steer Clear Of

Website design is the most critical element that catches the eyes of the users and motivates them to explore it in detail. However, if you have included malicious practices like dark patterns in your design, it will surely disappoint the users and make them close the site. So, getting into the details of the types of dark patterns is critical to avoid the practices.

Here are the top types of dark patterns you should steer clear of while designing your website in order to boost the engagement of the users.

Bait and Switch

It is the first type of dark pattern that the website owners should steer clear of in order to avoid negative reviews and reactions from the users. As the name suggests, bait and switch are the practice that throws bait to the users in the form of an ad or notification and compels them to take the desired actions. However, the modern era website owners are wise and hire the services of website design in Dubai-based professional who avoids such shoddy tricks.

Confirm Shaming

Confirm shaming is the second type of dark pattern that you should strictly avoid as it leaves a negative impact on the users. Confirm shaming is the practice that focuses on making the user guilty of avoiding some action by sharing remarks like it is their loss or mistake in avoiding it. The shaming can lead the new users to forcefully comply with the requirements; however, it is unethical.

Friend Spam

Friend spamming is the type of dark pattern that was quite common until the recent past. It has subsided a little since the time privacy awareness and lawsuits have appeared on the scene. The friend spam dark pattern focused on making the users connect with some website or account by saying that their friend and other contacts are using it. When they comply with it, it exposes them to spammy content, requests, and messages, etc.

Forced Continuity

Forced continuity is another common type of dark pattern that is still being used in the present era. This type of dark pattern asks the users to take some quizzes, trail or other options for a free membership or access to some material. However, when they try to proceed, it asks for account details or payment plans. This practice can compel the users to abandon the website so avoid it at all costs.

Roach Motel

Roach motel is another type of dark pattern that frustrates most of the users who are trapped by this trick. It makes them subscribe to some offer or practice and makes it impossible to unsubscribe. Such a practice is against user rights, and you should avoid its use in your website design not to lose your traffic to your competitors.

Trick Questions

Another commonly used type of dark pattern is the trick questions. The users are asked tricky questions to proceed. They end up clicking on the obvious option, but it proves to be the wrong answer. Such practices can also make the user report your site, so avoid using a shoddy trick that frustrates the users.

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Lastly, the most dangerous and malicious type of dark pattern is misdirection. This type of dark pattern focuses on misdirecting the users from exploring one feature, icon, or point on the website by creating a pop-up of something attractive. It can end up wasting the time of users, so don’t trust amateur designers when they try to convince you to include such elements in your website. You can hire website design professionals to get a creative and immersive design that is free of malicious practices.

Trust the professional to avoid dark patterns in your design!

If you are entrusting your website design to amateurs, you might get some dark patterns included in it. It will significantly decrease your website traffic, so do not fall into the trap. Contact the professional designers now to get a perfect design that is free of any errors or spammy practices and boosts the engagement of your users.


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