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David Cates Adept Trial Attorney David Cates Says That Mass Tort Cases are Efficient


A lead trial lawyer at the Cates Mahoney LLC, David Cates strongly opines that mass tort cases are much more efficient than individual lawsuits. He specializes in and has in-depth knowledge of personal injury lawsuits. Before knowing how accurate such a claim is, it is crucial to understand what exactly a mass tort case is.

The legal term mass tort case refers to all those lawsuits dealing with the personal injury of several individuals together. These individuals do not always have to be related or injured under the same roof. They can from different places, but the common factor is the person against who they want to act. If the person who wronged them is the same, they can come together and file a mass tort case against that individual to seek justice.

Another similar legal term, the class action cases, is often mistaken to be a synonym for mass tort cases. Though the outcome for both the cases is the same, yet there are a few areas where the two differ largely. The one central point of difference between the two is the size of the plaintiffs. While in mass tort cases, the number of plaintiffs is fewer, they may also be from a similar geographical area. In a class case, the number of justice seekers is large.

The plaintiffs in a tort case are treated singularly, and each is required to prove his allegation to the typical defendant. Contrastingly, in a class action case, the whole group of plaintiffs is treated as a single unit. Only one person speaks on behalf of the entire group and is known as the representative.

David Cates, the able lawyer of both class action and mass tort cases as well as dealing with complex national personal cases, however, strongly suggests that mass tort cases are more efficient than individual lawsuits. This Illinois based lead trial lawyer substantiates his statement by the fact because of the multiple representations of a mass tort case, the pooling in of resources and information is made possible.

He further suggests that because the ultimate claim of the plaintiffs is the same in these cases, the case could be consolidated as one, which saves a lot of time. The judicial system’s resources are also judiciously used in the bid.

The multidistrict litigation is one added beneficial side effect of a mass tort case. Since the aim of all plaintiffs is to get justified compensation, the court may decide to pass all similar lawsuits against a single defendant to a single judge. This makes bringing judgement easier and quicker.

Because mass tort lawsuits are complicated, it is only wise to let the best in the business handle it. David Cates is an apt name in this category who has been successfully handling complex mass tort cases. His objective is to help families by protecting their rights against the injustice that is often inflicted on them by corporate America. He is also perfect to approach for cases related to civil rights and employment discrimination.