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Delay Sprays for Man: How To Use, Tips, FAQs And More

Delay Sprays

Not all men are equal when it comes to performance in bed. While some men can last longer, some find it hard to manage even a couple of minutes. Well, if you have been there there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Premature ejaculation is more common in men than you think. But the good news is there are ways to overcome your problems.


A delay spray for men is one such great solution to your problems. It is one of those products that will help you slow down and enjoy the session at a pace that both you and your partner enjoy. The objective of this article is to educate you so that you can get the best delay spray for men before the next big night.

With the best delay sprays within your reach, you need not be ashamed of premature ejaculation anymore.


What is a Delay Spray and How Does It Work?

A delay spray for men reduces hypersensitivity in the penis. This leads to delayed ejaculation. Delay sprays are also called desensitizing sprays. The main ingredient used is lidocaine or Benzocaine. Both work by numbing your penis slightly to help you continue longer.


How to Use

Using a delay spray for men is no rocket science and one can easily figure out that by the instructions. After all, as the name suggests, the only thing you need to do is spray it on your penis. But knowing about the technicality and using it the right way is the key. Some think that using more will make them last even longer. That is an absolutely wrong notion. Therefore, let us look at using a delay spray the right way.


  • Whenever you use the spray, make sure that you shake the bottle.
  • Hold the spray nozzle close to your penis but not too close.
  • Release the spray. Do not spritz the product but cover your penis with one or two whole sprays.
  • The head and frenulum is the place that you must direct your spray to.
  • After application rub the area till you do not feel any wetness.


However, every spray is different in the formulation and thus may have some minor difference in application instructions. Make sure that you read the instructions on the pray thoroughly before using it.


How Much of It Should I Use?

Now we have come to a very crucial question- how much to use. Do not get carried away by the fact that a delay spray for men is formulated to help you with premature ejaculation and use too much of it. If you do so, your penis will become excessively numb and you would feel no sensation at all. This could take away all the fun. Therefore, always follow the instructions and begin with less. You can always build it up as you move forward.


Most of the products work well with two or three sprays. But it is best to understand how much your penis needs and use it accordingly. It may take you some time to figure out exactly the right amount but with use, you will find an answer to your question.


These sprays generally take a little time to show effects and you must be patient. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes. The ingredients must be completely absorbed into your skin. You can either wait for it or engage in foreplay and build your way to climax.


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Tips To Use a Delay Spray for Men

  • Always buy your spray after reading the claims and ingredients of the product. Stay away from the ones that do not disclose their full ingredient list or have harmful ones. These sprays can harm your penis and overall health. It is better not to take the risk.
  • Do not use too little or too much of the spray. Either stick to the instructions or find the right amount by experimenting.
  • Look for a transfer-proof sex spray.
  • Flavoured and fragranced delays sprays can itch and irritate your skin. They may also contain harmful chemicals. So, it is best to stay away from those.
  • Give your spray time after application.



Is using a delay spray safe?

Using a delay spray for men is absolutely safe if you are choosing a reputed brand and cross-checking the ingredients. They generally do not produce side effects unless you are allergic to any ingredient used in the spray.


Are Viagra and delay sprays similar?

No, they are not similar as Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction by increasing the flow of blood in the penis and a delay spray helps you last longer in bed by desensitizing your penis.


Should delay sprays be used by couples who want to conceive?

Delay sprays may impair sperm. Thus, if you are trying to conceive, it is best to avoid a spray or consult your doctor if you must use one. He might recommend one that will increase your sperm count.


A delay spray for men can change your sexual well-being and the quality of your romantic relationship. Therefore, get your delay spray without further delay and enjoy a long-lasting session in the bed.