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How to delete Instagram messages from both sides at once

delete Instagram messages from both sides at once

Are you also looking for how you can delete the direct messages DM’s from both sides? Means from the sender and receiver. Well, the answer is in your favour. Yes you can delete both the messages direct and indirect from both sides and the solution for this is quite simple and easy.

We face this kind of situation in many ways whether accidentally you have sent something inappropriate, or maybe you have texted your ex while you were drunk. But now you are embarrassed and want to undo it right? Well, don’t worry because we have got you covered here just keep reading the article along.

This article will teach you how you can do this 

For deleting the messages on Instagram all you have to do is press down your message and then tap on the un send button. This way it will be deleted from both sides. When you press the un to send this will delete the text message from both of the sides, so the person you sent will not be able to see it, the fun part is that he or she will not even get the notification.

Or in simpler words, this person won’t be able to even see that something has been deleted.

Let me take you on a very detailed step by step guide on how you can delete Instagram messages from both sides.

  • Open your direct messages 
  • Here hold your text message for about 3 seconds and then press.
  • Now click on the un-send button for deleting it from both sides.

But one thing you must keep in mind and that is this “un send” feature will only work if you are trying to delete the message that you have sent, this feature will only delete your message not another person’s message. And if you want to delete the other person’s message you can’t do that. That’s not possible.

The one way you can delete the message of another person is if you can go to their message lists and then click on the swipe left option and then tap on the delete option. This way you can erase your conversation with the other person but only on your end. This will not delete the conversation from both sides but only your side.

But the person that you have messaged, will have the message because it will not get deleted on their end.

What will happen if you unsend the message

What if you send the message and then immediately unsend it on Instagram. They will be able to get the notifications?

If you send a message and then immediately unsend it this way the other person will get the notification on the screen for like a second. This means the person will know that you have sent them a DM the direct message but if you delete that and that person is not online this way he or she will not get the notification. Now if you tap on the un-send the notification will also get deleted and they will never be able to find out that you have ever texted them.

If you have to follow this the person will only get to know that you have sent them a direct text message, not the actual text, so you can easily send and un send it. They also get to know that you once sent them a text message only if they have turned on the notifications. 

If they are not much active on Instagram you can get away with it, and can easily remove the direct message and not let them know that you have even undeleted it. 

So, if you delete the direct message it will also delete for the other person.

The answer for this would be yes, so anytime you delete a direct message this will get deleted on the other person as well. This simply means they can’t delete the text message once you have sent them. So, for that, you have to delete the whole conversation. So, if they decide to delete the whole kind of conversation you still be able to see all the chats that you once sent them.

The very common question would be “if you block someone on Instagram this will delete the messages The answer to that is also no because blocking someone will never delete the whole conversation or even their messages. So, if you want to delete the messages, you have to either un send these messages or even delete the whole conversation with the message list.


But blocking them on Instagram will not let them send you any direct message again. This means this person will no longer be able to send you a direct message when you blocked them. But they can see the old conversation with you.