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Dell Cables Are Integrated With The Advanced Feature Of Supporting Fiber Optic Sensors


In today’s technology-grade business environment, it’s always wise to go with updated resources to stand upright in all checklists. Similarly, when it comes to establishing a network server, one must go with Dell cables as the cable is best known for supporting fiber optic sensors and can also potentially withstand temperature up to +350°C (660°F). Furthermore, the sensing cables of Dell enable optimized monitoring of your harsh environment infrastructure.

Fiber sensing is a stem-of-the-art technology that ensures continuous measurements along the length of a fiber optic cable. As a result, you as a cable operator can easily detect the following external stimuli on the cable:

  • Changes in temperature
  • Changes in pressure
  • Sound fluctuation
  • The strain on the cable
  • Vibration

All these changes can easily be detected as well as conveniently located at any position along the length of the cable. Due to the automated sensing effects, potential threats and dangers can be identified and mitigated before the complications turned into serious problems or get out of hand.

Key Benefits Of Integrating Dell Cables

Compact design- Dell cables are designed with quality grade components with a robust cable design for ultimate reliability in harsh conditions with no trade off.

Sensing ability- Innovative and technology upgraded cable design enhances and amplifies the sensor signal generating and delivering operational performance.

Flexible designing choices- Choice of materials for strength elements and fiber based on the features and network requirements of SFP Optical Transceivers as well as applications where cables will get connected.  One key thing to note here that these cables are available in through-beam and reflective sensing styles to adapt to the application designing requirements.

Light in weight and responsive- You can rest assured on the weight of the cables won’t put a heavy strain on your overall network infrastructure. Moreover, Dell cables have the following additional perks:

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to connect
  • Respond quickly to external stimuli
  • Cut to the required length for custom installations
  • Easy to operate and manage

It is a fact that today’s networks are more demanding than ever before. This is the major reason why most of the owners and operators are looking for ideal solutions to proactively manage their networking infrastructure with no disruption. Many reputed Dell cables suppliers are offering a range of fiber optic sensor integrated cables, in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts.

If you are thinking of establishing or re-establishing your network infrastructure, investing in DELL cables can be an ideal choice for the smooth running of your network and data operations.


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