Home Technology DELL OptiPlex 5070 Review – A Core i5 Micro Desktop PC

DELL OptiPlex 5070 Review – A Core i5 Micro Desktop PC

Dell OptiPlex 5070

Desktop computers are ideal devices to get for home and office use. They offer real value for money and solid performance as compared to laptops. You will get more specs at less price with the possibility of upgradation. Desktop PCs suit users who hate overheating issues but do not mind working on large devices. However, modern PCs come in slick chassis that are easy-to-upgrade and cost-effective.

Today, we are going to review a compact desktop computer from Dell PCs’ range. The OptiPlex 5070 is a Core i5 micro desktop PC. This is a multitasking computer that you can use for various purposes depending upon your work needs. Its hardware choice is on the modest side, but you can comfortably run everyday office programs.

Our DELL OptiPlex 5070 review includes design evaluation as well as performance analysis. Read the article to find where its strengths and weaknesses lie.

DELL OptiPlex 5070 Specs Review

Processor: Intel Core i5-9500T / 2.2GHz Max. Turbo Speed 3.7GHz

Memory Size: 8 GB

Storage Capacity: 256 GB

Graphics: Intel UHD 630

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Weight: Around 2.58lbs (1.17kg)

For a Core i5 micro desktop PC, this is a decent set of specs. This tells us that office users will be able to accomplish more in less time.

Design & Build

As highlighted, the DELL OptiPlex 5070 is a micro desktop PC. Like most Dell PCs, its body is made of recycled plastic and features a Miniature design. It weighs about 2.58lbs (1.17kg) with dimensions (WDH) of 1.4 x 7 x 7.23 inches. You can easily hide it under your desk or behind the computer monitor. The front and rear panels feature grills for better air circulation and to prevent overheating.

This is a tool-less design that provides the user with an option to upgrade. You can easily remove the side panel to access inner components and add more power to the PC setup. Dell also offers optional mounts and an All-in-One stand for better positioning. So, you can mount it on the wall to save space or gain better access while sitting in the office.

Ports & Connectivity

The OptiPlex 5070 is an unconventional PC, considering its chassis design. Dell has loaded it with plenty of ports which you will found on both front and back panels. The front side features a USB-A 3.0 along with a USB-C 3.0 port and 3.5mm jacks for better audio. On the top, there is a round shape power button with a card reader and DVD writer.

Like most desktop computers, the rear side is loaded with ports and connectivity options. There are four USB-A 3.1 ports, a spare port which you can use as an optional video port. Plus, there are two DisplayPorts so you can connect dual monitors with it at the same time.

This is an ideal port selection of office PC and all it missing is an HDMI output. Availability for two display ports and a single USB-C port gives it an edge over other desktop PCs of the same class. For wireless connectivity, there is Wi-fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.2.

Hardware & Performance

Dell PCs are known for their high-end hardware components that ensure solid performance. The OptiPlex 5070 comes with the same promise of reliable performance. It comes equipped with the Core i5-9500T processor that comes with six cores and a 9MB cache. The clock speed ranges from 2.2GHz to 3.7GHz and delivers 8 GT/s bus speed and runs on the Windows 10 Pro.

Additionally, it has an 8GB memory that pairs well with the integrated UHD 630 GPU. The storage capacity is 256GB, but it is a solid-state drive so you will have access to data within milliseconds.

Being a micro desktop PC, Dell OptiPlex 5070 lived up to our expectations. We were able to open more than fourteen tabs and the system did not slow down. We ran the usual office programs to assess its office-based performance. It allowed us to open and work on multiple apps, providing the ideal work environment. We found its performance pleasant and quick when we used it for spreadsheeting, light media editing, and browsing while word processing.

Final Thoughts

The OptiPlex 5070 is a budget-friendly pick from Core i5 Dell PCs’ range. It can deliver solid performance, handle tough tasks, and offers both USBA and USB-C port options. This is a complete package that you can buy to work from home or in the office. You can explore more desktop computers from other brands at Laptop Arena.