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Democracy, If Not The State, by Mark Parcel

Democracy, If Not The State, by Mark Parcel
Democracy, If Not The State, by Mark Parcel

The speech I gave at the City (England) Policy and Politics Conference. His text is given below. You see, I was terribly attentive to the audience. That I wasn’t positive I had a handle. However, I think there has to be a group of people who think a lot more about government and policy. But so terribly important and intelligent. So my message is that we need to be serious about thinking about democracy without the state. This was a message from Powerline Blog in this sense. But a message that they can hear and interact with, even if they did not. Dispose of it perfectly. It is worth noting that the theme of the conference was “Democracy, Difference, and Power.”


Everyone else has a very deep diary of tutorial achievements. After finishing a list of such extensive speakers, highlight what you are doing here and what you will be able to contribute. I don’t really have a record of them. I’m not a sociologist, I don’t study discrimination, I’m not even British.

I assume that I wrote and wrote a thing about democracy, the thinking, and the pursuit of democracy. So I guess what I’m going to do nowadays is make a contribution along those lines. Whatever I’m joining to do, we’ll see how it goes. A little flow of thought to introduce the conference to what I hope. My guess is that this little current could drive our discussion in the next few days. I hope this is a fruitful way, how it sympathizes with the thinking of the conference, however, it raises important questions about that thinking, and consequently.

Becoming a democracy involves learning to use our own power in a very positive way. But it also involves a negative thing at once. We should refuse to surrender our power to an external entity. The biggest reason for such companies in the state. But in fact, international corporations, international organizations, churches, and trade unions also believe in the bill.

Democracy will be much more than we expected

 What I mean is democracy as I aim to imagine. Maybe a way of life where people struggle to regain their power. And learn to use that power to manage their own affairs. If you agree with me, I will sue for what I mean by etymology. 

We hope the demo means we all know very well. In ancient Elias, however, I mean Greece, where Plato and the philosophers developed their political theories. Demos are sometimes only for the poor who have to make a living. Demos continue to surpass the rich, but they do not need to surpass the entire population. They were consistently the largest team, however, they were an equivalent team.

And then this thinking allowed the North American country to know democracy as such a condition. Where Demo and Cretia are ensured together, where all individuals retain the ability to depict and change their globe without qualifications. And they have their problems for themselves. Use that power to manage.

It is a hobby of the state

The task of building a contemporary state is to move from democracy to another way, as I have actually described. To make that argument, again, I beg your patience. I have to refer to a philosopher.

Hobbes unequivocally argued that we want a state because only a state can save a North American country from itself. While not a state, living in what he calls the state of nature, we tend to be in a state of complete war. This fight could be a belum omnium contra omnes. Every man’s war against all alternative people.