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Determining the necessity of utilizing a towing service app


An on-demand roadside assistance app solution helps customers to carry on their journey peacefully by repairing their vehicles immediately. Tow trucks will be dispatched on a real-time basis to the users’ location. 

The number of Towing companies has increased in the market, offering high-quality road assistance services for customers 24×7. They render a variety of services like tyre replacement, battery replacement, fuel delivery, provide spare parts, navigational assistance to a specific location, and other mechanical solutions for both passenger and commercial vehicles. 

An insight into the massive growth predicted in On-demand roadside assistance app solutions

  • The global market for vehicle road assistance is expected to reach a whopping $30 billion by 2027 growing at a rate of 3.92% every year. 
  • The main factors that will contribute to its growth are extreme weather conditions, aging vehicles, an increase in the number of vehicle sales, affordability in buying vehicles due to the provision of automobile loans, and growing disposable income of the users. 
  • Europe is the number one market for generating the highest revenue from roadside assistance.
  • Asia is a fast-growing market with more customers adding electronic assistance features to their vehicles.

Industry trends observed in towing service apps

  • Most of the assistance from passengers is requested when there is a collision or a breakdown of the vehicle.
  • Many automobile companies like Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, General Motors, Ford, and Toyota are providing their own Tow truck apps to prevent outsourcing the tasks to third-parties.
  • The highest number of requests for Uber for Tow truck app is by passenger vehicles followed by light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles respectively. 

Determining the key players in roadside assistance and the strategies they follow

  • Automobile manufacturers are rapidly expanding their business by offering roadside assistance services.
  • The major global players in the vehicle assistance business are Viking Assistance Group, AutoVantage, Mobility Roadside Assistance (MRA), Paragon Motor Club, and ARC Europe Group.
  • More strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions along with capacity expansion are expected in the industry to meet the growth needs.

Various steps to follow for building a cutting-edge Tow truck app

  • Determine the business requirements and the target audience to focus on.
  • Choose an ideal location where there is a huge vehicular population and that has proximity to the top automobile companies.
  • It is better to develop both Android and iOS apps to get more business traction.
  • Hire team members like project managers, mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, marketing specialists, finance managers, frontend and backend developers, testers, and technical support staff, if you are going to develop it from scratch
  • Add all the necessary features to the app.
  • Set it up on the operational network and test its initial functionality. 
  • Remove all the technical bugs or glitches.
  • Launch the Tow truck app at the most appropriate time in the market.
  • Hire more drivers, management staff, mechanics, and repair experts. 
  • Increase your fleet of towing vehicles and technical equipment.
  • Promote its benefits aggressively to increase its popularity.

Analyzing how the White-label uber for tow truck app functions

  • The user has to register on the tow truck app by submitting his/her personal information like email address, phone number, and social media account.
  • Opt for any of the tow truck services that are available on the app.
  • Share the real-time location with the tow truck service provider via GPS integration facility to avail of the needed service.
  • Reveal details about the vehicle like its type, number, color, and registration number.
  • The customer will know the Estimates Time of Arrival (ETA) of the tow truck. 
  • The service provider quickly arrives at the location and renders the needed service.
  • The user can rate the quality of the service on a scale of 1-5.

The notable features of the towing service app are

  • A social media login option – where users can quickly sign up by entering details of their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • A browsing facility for the customers – They can search through the list of tow truck service providers maintained in a comprehensive database. It contains information about their name, mobile number, photo, address, experience, and overall rating.
  • Easy payment processing – Once the service provider has completed their service, the user can make the payment through debit cards, credit cards, the in-app digital wallet, and cash. Integration is also provided with PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 
  • A rating and review system – Users can share their opinion in the integrated feedback system. Corrective action is immediately taken to resolve complaints and grievances.
  • An in-app chat option – for the users to quickly communicate with the drivers.
  • A schedule booking mechanism – to get tow trucks several days in advance.
  • Instant generation of digital invoices – with details of the total fare, booking ID, date, time, the fate rate charged per kilometer, and tax. 
  • Access to exciting offers and discount coupons –  which will help the customers to reduce their total bill amount.
  • The issue of real-time notifications – informing the users about all the latest alerts.
  • OTP (One Time Password) – sent to the mobile number of the customer before validating a service request for a tow truck. This ensures a high level of transparency and prevents fraud.
  • A cancellation option – without imposing any penalty charges.
  • A booking editing option – where some extra services can be availed without facing any issues.
  • An SOS button – to take action in case of emergencies or accidents.
  • Numerous Security measures – like end-to-end data encryption, multi-factor authentication, SMS verification, email verification, and SSL implementation. This ensures full protection for the users’ data and funds preventing any chances of hacking or phishing attacks.

What is the role of The Tow truck provider in the On-demand roadside assistance app solution?

  • He/She can utilize the app for uploading all the documents like ID proof, driving license, and vehicle insurance.
  • The Tow truck service providers, drivers, and professional repair experts can offer details of the services and the rates charged.
  • The service providers can either accept or decline new service requests.
  • Use the Google Maps route optimization option to reach the customers’ destination quickly.
  •  Access his/her total earning history and working hours.
  •  Modify the profile on the app by changing the photo, name, address, and service radius. 

How much will be the cost to develop a tow truck app?

  • It depends on the extent of customization, the tech stack used, and the kind of features used in the app.
  • The developers will charge an hourly rate for providing their services which will vary according to their location.
  • The different phases include initial project consultation, UI/UX designing, frontend and backend development, testing, deploying it on the operational network, and marketing it across various communication channels. 

Developing a comprehensive On-demand roadside assistance app solution is a big game-changer as the benefits outweigh the costs in the long run. A huge amount of profits and a higher return on investment can be earned.  Choose the top-notch towing service app and take your business to the next stage soon.