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Difference Between APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship & GIIS Super Star scholarship


Scholarships are probably the best stage that assist understudies with getting into trustworthy establishments. It gives understudies quality instruction through monetary help. Understudies willing to seek after higher examinations have the best worldwide scholarships accessible across the globe.

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Abu Dhabi is a significant instructive organization with its incipient start by the rumored Global Schools Foundation establishment. GIIS today has its impressions in a few different nations contributing towards quality and comprehensive schooling.

In Abu Dhabi, GIIS was begun in the year 2015 with top notch conveniences and present day encouraging approachs preparing the understudies future to confront the difficulties of the advanced age.

GIIS offers different worldwide scholarships that help understudies across the globe gain admittance to quality and reasonable training. The school offers an Indian and global educational program that gives an inside and out advancement to understudies. The scholarships offered by GIIS are scholarly based, ability based, ability based, implies cum merit based and the tech abilities of the understudies.

The scholarships offered by GIIS Abu Dhabi are:

  • Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship
  • GIIS Super Star Scholarship
  • Global Citizen Scholarship
  • The 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship
  • Zayed Gandhi Means Cum Merit Scholarship

Allow us to find out about the contrasts between the two unmistakable scholarships that are the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship and the GIIS Super Star Scholarship.

APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship

Today the world is in the advanced age and for understudies to be comparable to the innovation it is essential to be furnished with computerized advances and developments. At a youthful age, understudies are being presented to dealing with and knowing about confounded advancements, application making, logical examinations, computerized instruments, and so forth Through the APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship. GIIS distinguishes the computerized abilities and inventive capacities of the understudies and urges them to dominate further. Through the concession offered by this scholarship, an understudy’s one of a kind ability is investigated in logical tests, improving apparatuses, making applications and different devices for advanced gadgets.

The primary highlights of the APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship are:

  • The understudy should be the inhabitant of UAE
  • The understudy and the guardians should have legitimate visa duplicates and Emirates ID
  • Student ought to have great scholastic records
  • This is a one-year scholarship that can be benefited by understudies concentrating between fifth – eleventh guidelines.
  • It is relevant for the current just as new GIIS understudies.
  • This scholarship is offered to understudies with an acknowledgment in the Olympiads by SOF/STEM Olympiad/Robotics Olympiad or winning the highest levels in the National Children’s Science Congress or being the first Ranking groups at ISRO Space Quiz, NSS-National Space settlement.
  • The scholarship is separated into four classifications that is A, B, C and D and the scholarship sum distributed is 15%, 12%, 10% and 5% individually.

To win this scholarship the competitor should be in the qualification section which incorporates:

  • The understudy probably composed and presented a paper, theory or distributed reports on points identified with computerized space like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, coding, application making and so forth
  • The understudy ought to have concocted or developed an instrument/device in computerized space like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Coding, App-production and so forth

GIIS Super Star Scholarship

This is one of the regarded scholarships offered by GIIS that gives a stage to magnificent learning experience setting up the understudies for the future to get into trustworthy colleges for higher examinations and undergrad projects of their decision. This scholarship is only for understudies who are sharp in seeking after abroad training in the GIIS grounds in Abu Dhabi.

The essential highlights of the GIIS Super Star Scholarship are:

  • The understudy should not investigation in any of the GIIS grounds
  • The competitor applying should be an ASEAN that is one who is dwelling Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Singapore), South Asia (India/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh), Gulf nations and European Union nations
  • The scholarship residency is two years and given to understudies concentrating in eleventh and twelfth norms
  • This scholarship investigates the scholastic type of an understudy
  • The scholarship is relevant to an understudy from any board be it ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, GCSE or any American board comparable to different sheets
  • The scholarship is partitioned into An and B classifications and the concession offered is 50-65% on educational expenses
  • The understudy should have a score between 95 – 96% or more, or An or more evaluations taking all things together the subjects.

Qualification models incorporates

  • Student ought to have astounding scholastic records
  • Student ought to be occupant and resident of UAE
  • Parents and understudies should have substantial visas and Emirates ID
  • Students need to submit recent years’ scholarly records.

When the understudies satisfy the global scholarships models, the cycle of choice happens wherein the applications alongside the records are submitted. In light of this the understudies are chosen and suggested through mail. They would have to go through a last round of evaluation prior to closing down the scholarship deed.

Expectation this blog has given a thought regarding the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship and it’s experts over different scholarships accessible. There are different sorts of worldwide scholarships accessible and as a meriting understudy or a parent of one, you should investigate the subtleties of a scholarship and it’s connected advantages.