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Difference between Difference B/W Voice Overs and Telemarketing


Difference b/w voiceovers and IVR are in huge demand by business houses. A huge requirement of communicating with customers and potential customers is the prime reason behind this demand of business houses for business phone operators. Today with the introduction of high-end mobile phones, it has become extremely difficult to communicate through mobile phones. However, the sales of these business phone operators are increasing day by day due to this demand.

It has been observed that there is a drastic reduction in the efficiency levels of call centers across the world. Many of these call centers which are indulged in handling calls of business clients cannot cope up with the influx of high-end customers and clients from all over the world. To counter this issue, several business houses are moving towards hiring professional operators who can deliver quality services. This trend is supported by a growing number of people who are moving towards availing the services of b/w operators rather than investing in new infrastructure for a call centers.

The Major Advantage of Using B/W or Voice Overs

It reduces the cost incurred on making long-distance calls. There are certain factors like the location of the business house and the nature of the business that play crucial roles in deciding the cost of making long-distance calls. Huge expenditure on making telephone calls can be reduced if the operator is able to speak in the same language as the caller. However, there are many operators who are capable of transmitting their voices in different languages so that a customer can get a suitable solution.

Another advantage of using telephone operators is that the time taken by the customer for obtaining the required information is lessened. There are numerous advantages of using a B/W operator. When a customer or a potential customer approaches a particular company, the first step taken is to have a face-to-face meeting. Once a suitable solution is made available, the next step is to discuss the details of the solution with the client and finalize the deal. This makes the entire process quicker and smooth and the entire business process can run at a faster pace.

If The Company Did Not Use B/W Voice Operators

A majority of customers prefer to communicate via a b/w voice overs IP system. The most preferred one is the business-to-business VOIP services which enable the communication between a customer and a company to be done through a telephone exchange. This facility has become more popular when the cost involved in making long-distance calls was prohibitive for all but the biggest companies. Now a common man can make a call at a rate that matches his budget. Therefore, many small businesses are moving towards availing the service of a b/w operator rather than investing in new infrastructure for the telephone exchange.

Business VOIP service providers charge according to the level of performance which is rendered by the operators. A high revenue business may have a huge number of calls per month while a medium revenue firm may have only two or three. To keep up with the competition, many operators now offer packages that include a wide range of features and benefits at an affordable price. This leads to better profits and flexibility for all kinds of firms.

A customer looks for a b/w voice operator based on certain factors like

Experience in the field, credibility, availability of advanced features, and a proven record of successfully serving customers. It is important to choose an operator who can handle larger business projects such as telemarketing. The experience of the operator matters a lot. The experience of the operator does not only relate to the specific kind of work done but also to general work done in the industry. The more experienced the operator is, the better it is for the business as an experienced operator can understand all the needs of the business and its customers and can serve them with the utmost professionalism in dy-namic.

The Credibility of The Operator Matters A Lot

The voice quality delivered by the b/w operator should be good enough to enable clear and smooth-talking even if the caller has a poor voice. The pitch, speed, enunciation, and modulation of the voice should be appropriate to the caller’s needs and requirements. All the basic features of a b/w voice operator must be met to be able to perform well in telemarketing calls. To get started with a successful business, it is important to find an experienced and reliable b/w voice operator who can help you in your every need.