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Different Types of Bitossi Vases



Bitossi vases have always been one of the most popular Italian vases. For a long time, Bitossi lovers could proudly display their love for Italian art in their homes and offices. Although these water vases are very popular, they are also quite expensive. If you are on a tight budget but would still want to purchase a Bitossi vase, here are some cheaper alternatives you can consider:

Glass Vases. These glass vases can be a bit more expensive compared to other types of water features. However, their beauty and elegance cannot be overlooked. They come in a wide variety of sizes and designs so you can surely find one that will fit to your taste. To make glass vases even more special, many companies now manufacture them using high-quality resins that are long-lasting and provide bright colors.

Ceramic Vases. Ceramic is another material used for manufacturing glass vessels. Ceramic is known to be durable and resilient. Plus, you can actually use ceramic to create unique shapes, such as sphere, cylindrical and circular so you can create whatever design that fits to your liking.

Clear Glass Vases. Clear glass vases are ideal for any event where elegant lighting is needed. This type of glass vases can be used to display fragile flowers or baby figurines so people will not get injured accidentally. Aside from this, it can also function as an aquarium to contain live plants or animals.

Metal Vases. Nothing beats the classic look of metal when it comes to elegance. The great thing about metal vases is that it can be used indoors and outdoors. You can place them outdoors on your front porch. You can also use them inside your home to display photos and memories.

Porcelain Vases. If you want something that can perfectly fit to your space, then the porcelain glass vases is what you need. These are perfect to be placed in corners and small spaces since it will not occupy much space. Plus, these types of glass vases are very affordable. However, they can be difficult to clean.

Glass Vases. A glass vase is a perfect way to show your appreciation and love towards your beloved. Aside from this, it also makes a perfect container for flowers and other little gifts. If you want to decorate the glass stand with a pretty floral pattern, you may use tissue paper.

Glass Vases. Whatever event it may be, glass vases are always a great choice. Aside from being elegant, they are also very versatile. You can make them according to the theme of your event and even make them according to your preference. They will surely make an impressive display.

Glass Vases. Making your own bowl would just take some time but making a glass vase would definitely take some time. You need to gather all the needed materials and tools such as an instruction manual and a drill. And then you need to make one on your own.

Glass Vases. These types of bowls can also be used as vases. To decorate them, you can use flowers or any decors that you like. But before you start decorating, you must make sure that you have cleaned and washed them to make them easier to use and to make them last longer.

To Decorate Bitossi Bowls. You can decorate these bowls according to your own preference. You can even write your names on them or you can also write a message on the surface. It is very easy to write your name on these bowls; however, it can be difficult to clean the surface after you made it.

Bitossi Vases. These bowls make a great item if you want to gift someone who is special to you. These are very useful especially if you plan to make pottery items. These bowls make a very good gift that is usually bought by people who likes to make pottery items.