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Digital Business Card-Need of Hour in this Modern Era


A paper-based digital business card size may appear to have no substantial worth. Nonetheless, it plays an important role in aiding you in developing a professional company. Going to real events or conferences without a stack of business cards is, without a certain, a breach of social standards! It is tiresome to carry a stack of business cards around with you all the time. With the advent of innovation, today’s specialists are migrating to digital business cards such as Qard.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

It is, as the name implies, a digital business card with a computerised design. Nowadays, more people prefer to use computerised business cards because they are not only simple to create but also free of charge. You no longer have to worry about carrying a stack of paper-based business cards with you wherever you go. Everything you need to know is on your smartphone.

There are several reasons why digital business cards appear to be a popular choice among professionals. One of the main reasons for this trend away from traditional business cards is that people prefer to use their cell phones to get information about companies and connections.

Advantages Of Having a Digital Business Card:

  • Let’s be truthful. It is possible that the information on certain digital business cards may become obsolete as well. Nonetheless, with a smart business card, you won’t have to worry about any of these difficulties.
  • You may update your contact information on digital business cards at any time. As a result, your contacts will be informed of your progress.
  • Why should a business card be time-consuming? You may include audio or video recordings about yourself or your company on your digital business card. Isn’t that an excellent way to make a good first impression?
  • It’s possible to sort through your contacts’ standard business cards.
  • In addition, your smart business card contains a tracker that tells you how many people have viewed your smart business card in the past.
  • You may easily distribute your card by email or social media such as Whatsapp/Telegram and so forth.
  • Digital business cards have unquestionably provided a cutting-edge approach to system management. The features integrated within the cards have made it easier for people to make new contacts for their professional organisation. With a smart digital card, you won’t have to worry about fundamental difficulties like refreshing and duplicating that plague paper-based cards. These mechanically advanced cards are simple to use, productive, and attractive.

    It is simple for people to find your company since you can include a google map link to your business location on your digital business card. If your company relocates, you will be able to easily update your contacts.