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Digital marketing strategy for Instagram

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How many times have you read this sentence? Surely you have seen it as a text on social networks you have read and heard it countless times in workshops and talks on the subject. And we confirm it: the most important thing before embarking on the career within Instagram, or any other social network, is to have a well-defined digital strategy, which details each step to take to bring followers the most accurate and useful information, and thus being able to meet the objectives of the brand.

Keys to defining a successful marketing strategy on Instagram You are already clear why your brand needs a good marketing strategy before venturing to post images on Instagram. But where to start defining that strategy?

1.- Know your audience:

Have you seen those people who stand in front of a restaurant and start yelling at everyone who passes what is the menu of the day to see if someone gets excited and goes to eat there? Well, that’s how you would look if you don’t know what your target audience is on Instagram. Define who your brand is focused on, how is that person you want your publications to reach, how is the follower you want to find you.

With this clear, you will focus your efforts much better and ensure that the message reaches the right people. You will no longer be that poor man shouting the menu to everyone who passes by, but you will reach just the person who is hungry, who likes the food of your business and who has money to sit in your restaurant. To define your audience, we recommend that you “manufacture” your ideal client. Imagine a person and define where they live, their age, their gender, what they like and what they don’t like, their educational level, their profession or trade, the amount of money they earn per month and how they distribute it, their online interests, what drives you to buy things and the doubts you have when shopping. Get to know him as thoroughly as if he were your great friend. That will be your target audience. When you have them on your brand’s Instagram, visit our site Folwos for buying instagram followers.

2.- Investigate your competition:

How is the behavior of your direct competition on Instagram?

Who is it for?

How do you interact with your followers?

Does it do something similar to what your brand does or does it have a completely different strategy?

Your brand exists in a community of other brands that develop in the same business niche. They all have their strategies and the idea of ​​studying it is not to “copy” as some may think, but quite the opposite: to search and find that differentiating element that will make your brand stand out from the rest of the brands that make life on Instagram and, in this way, make yourself visible to the followers. In addition, you will be able to know what works for them and how you could adapt it (in an improved way) to your strategy and discover what business opportunities they are neglecting and which you could tackle. Start by reading the opinions of the followers regarding the brands that are your competition.

What do they say about them?

What do they like or dislike the most?

How does the instagrammers community develop around your competitors?

Then go to your competition’s feed and analyze the behavior of posts.

How are they sold?

What are you offering?

How often do they publish?

Do they interact with their followers?

Answer these basic questions, lean on online tools created to give you a better insight into your competitors and determine how you can effectively differentiate yourself from your competition.

3.- Define the objectives:

What do I want the brand to achieve with this marketing strategy for Instagram? We never tire of repeating it: clearly defined objectives and goals will allow you to know for sure if your strategy is working and will help you to quickly tackle any failure and readjust it to those objectives. However, these goals cannot go alone . On the contrary, they must be perfectly aligned with the great objectives of your brand’s marketing strategy. All marketing, offline and online, must work together and go in the same direction. Some specialists in social networks assure that a good way to establish the objectives of your strategy is to use the SMART model that defines everything that the objectives should be:

👉 Specific (which are specific),

👉 Measurable (which are measurable),

👉 Attainable (which are achievable),

👉 Relevant (which are relevant) and

👉 Time-Bound (which are limited in time).

4.- Include an audit of your brand profile:

Determine the status of your profile on Instagram at that time. Verify that it is up to date, that it includes all the basic data in the bio and that it has a consistent style. Examine how your brand interacts with its followers and if there is any type of engagement with them. Establish which aspects should be changed and which ones should be maintained to meet the objectives. Ask yourself, does this profile represent my brand? In a sentence, establish a mission for your profile on Instagram that helps you focus your goals and objectives. For example: We are on Instagram to show our audience the fun lifestyle that our brand represents. Make sure there aren’t any fake ones with your brand name and, if they exist, report them immediately.

5.- Seek inspiration:

Analyze other Instagram profiles that you like, it does not matter that they are not from your same business niche. Study what makes them successful and why their followers like it so much. But don’t just look for inspiration from other brands only – look for it in your own Buy Instagram Followers Australia.

What is the language of those who follow you like?

What hashtags do they use?

What content do they share?

Remember that your brand must be one of them.