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Disadvantages of Lineage Free Server Hosting


If you are planning to host your site using a Lineage Free Server, there are certain things that should be looked into before you jump on the bandwagon. For one thing, the free service is very limited in terms of bandwidth and disk space. Also, the interface can be less than user-friendly. Lastly, the security of your data is not guaranteed as there are no measures taken to guarantee the integrity of the data. If you use the Lineage Free Server, it is also likely that you will encounter a great deal of downtime.

There are many benefits of Lineage Free Server hosting, but it is also prone to various setbacks. It would be best to consider the factors that may make you turn your back on this amazing service. As expected, the free service provides an excellent storage system for your data, but at the same time, it is quite slow when it comes to networking. This is something that makes the slower performance of the servers frustrating for users. You might also experience difficulty in loading pages or uploading files. 리니지프리서버

Aside from the slow response time, another drawback of using the Lineage free system is the security. The reason behind the low security is that most users do not utilize the secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. Although it is available through the open source software, many website owners do not properly secure their websites. More often than not, they share their passwords and other important information. In the event that an attack occurs, the security of your data is at risk as well. To make matters worse, hackers also frequently use these websites as a medium to transfer confidential information.

Furthermore, you may encounter difficulties in changing the IP address in case you move to another location. This is due to the fact that the system uses port 80 and you will end up getting messages like Cannot establish a socket on hostname. In addition, using a shared system can make your computer vulnerable to spyware programs and viruses. When this happens, hackers can obtain your confidential information. To make matters worse, when the security system of the server is down, you will not be able to access the internet.

The disadvantages of Lineage Free Server Hosting are quite obvious. The aforementioned issues may affect your online business, but they are also applicable to your personal use. For example, you may encounter problems while using the operating system and the web hosting service. As well, there are other problems related to the management of the account and the updates.

Lineage Free Server Hosting is not only limited to shared servers. They also have dedicated servers, which are not part of a bigger group. However, you cannot expect a same-day service and excellent support. If you have problems, it will take some time before you can receive help. The web hosting company that offers this service also has limited support to solve the problems that you are experiencing.

In addition, the most common problem that users of Lineage Free Server Hosting experience is downtime. It is not uncommon for the service provider to be unavailable for several hours during peak hours. If you are using a reliable server, this downtime should not be more than five hours, but this depends on the total daily traffic of your site.

There is also a limitation when it comes to editing the website. Only few features are available and if you want to make changes, then you may have to upgrade to the paid web hosting package. This means that you have to pay more money to enjoy all these benefits. However, if you are not sure about Lineage Free Server Hosting, you may opt for another web hosting package instead.