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DIY Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Home



Welcome to another exciting series of DIY Christmas Decor Ideas where i going to reveal to you how to create these fun and creative, festive decorating ideas for Christmas. The first idea i going to introduce to you is called Xmas Wonderland. This is an amazing set of alphabetical star design decals where you can use every letter of the alphabet to create beautiful unique designs. These are very cute idea, which you are sure to love decorating your home or even your workplace with.

Another exciting idea is the Christmas Tree Decals where you will need to cut a series of picture frame shapes from cardboard and then glue the picture frames onto your tree. Next you need to decorate the tree either with plain colored pencils or paint. If you decide to paint then I suggest using a warm slightly damp wash cloth to gently remove all the paint that may have stuck to your walls. Once you are happy with the results then you can add more colorful glitter onto the branches of your tree using either glitter spray paints or wool pads.

There are plenty of Christmas ornament ideas where you can use the natural elements around you such as pine cones, flowers, berries and even paper supplies to make gorgeous ornaments. To start with I think the most stunning ornament I have seen was made from blown silk flowers. I found this online, and after searching for a similar product on Amazon I purchased the silk flower ornament. To achieve the stunning result, I suggest you purchase a small amount of flowers (around 5) and then carefully unfold them and tie a ribbon around the stem, once this is done I recommend you leave them to dry for around 24 hours.

Next I made some simple but stunning “little bit different” DIY Christmas ornaments by gluing little glitter onto a piece of ribbon I had bought. The resulting ornament looked absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t really tell it was made from fabric – it was so unique and eye catching. If you don’t want to buy any supplies there are loads of DIY patterns online that would be great for your next project. These patterns generally come in a PDF format and include all the necessary steps to create the desired decorations.

If you’re creative you could create lots of other DIY details such as snowmen, Santa clause signs, reindeer, angels, holly and many more. The only limitations are your imagination, a lot of people like to create Christmas trees using fake snow and then placing pine cones in the centre, these little bits of DIY detail look amazing when put into a vase or placed in your home. A lot of people also like to create DIY candle holders by using small craft foam, scented candles and cotton wool (sold at craft stores) as the candle holders. If you don’t want to spend too much money you could always make these candle holders from bits of fabric and lace.

Some of my favourite ornaments consist of small boxes covered in glitter either with a gift inside or with little bows tied around them. To make these Christmas ornaments i simply used a large cardboard box (i.e. old CD cases or supermarket luggage) and covered it in glue, rolled up the cardboard and stuck small ornaments onto it. Once this was dried I attached the cardboard to the wall with wire hanger’s, added some glitter and wrapped it back up to form a pretty wreath. These boxes are now used for various types of wreaths i.e.

Another popular Christmas decoration for the kitchen is the “tea cozy” wreath form which i made by simply filling the top of a tea cozy bottle with hot glue gun gorgeous green berries and adding some white or colored wreath ribbons. You can also use real fresh berries instead of the fake ones, however don’t add any milk as the berries would become bitter. I placed a few wreaths on my Christmas tree and they turned out looking like they were dipped in chocolate!

All in all, making your own decorations is really easy and cheap. I found some beautiful DIY Christmas decor ideas by browsing through YouTube videos. A lot of the ornaments i made by copying and pasting the ornaments instructions (usually in the YouTube video) and then just putting them together!