Do You Know the 5 Most Common Causes of ED This Year?

This article is written only for half of the audience who do not know what is ED? And which ED disease can we see in men due to ED? Erectile dysfunction is most common in … Read More

Do you know the 5 most common cause of ED This year

This article is written only for half of the audience who do not know what is ED? And which ED disease can we see in men due to ED?

Erectile dysfunction is most common in men 40 or older; however, erectile dysfunction can occur at any age. And it has been growing for the last several decades.

Now many readers are curious to know what is ED. Male erectile dysfunction means that the male has been unable to obtain and maintain an erection for sexual performance. Which in other words is also called impotence. So now there is no doubt what impotence means.

Whenever a male experiences an ejaculation defect at any stage, he keeps wondering why it happens to him, but he does not think that he must have done something which is one of the reasons for ED. For that, you will first have to talk to your doctor about the ED problem.

So, right now in this article, we will tell our audience about the top 5 causes for erectile dysfunction, which you hardly know.

Top 5 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Which you hardly know

1: Age: One of the major causes of ED

A male experiences erectile dysfunction when he is unable to get an erection during sex. At age 40, 2% to 12% of men experience ED disease symptoms. Men experience a greater percentage of symptoms at age 70.

2: Diabetes

If any person has diabetes, then the chances of experiencing ED are high. It is to be seen that you control your blood sugar levels well, as this often affects your risk for ED.

The group of 40-year-old men experiencing ED symptoms has often been found to have a 50% increase. ED is not a reversible problem, but blood sugar can be improved by the doctor’s advice.

3: Smoking – The Best Cause of Male Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking is the consumption of tobacco, and it has a very bad effect on human health. For example, the use of tobacco reduces blood flow.

A man’s penis includes blood vessels. The blood supply to the blood vessel starts decreasing, which makes it very difficult for the male to receive and maintain erections.

If a man thinks about what a man can do for erectile dysfunction? Then we suggest that you should quit smoking or tobacco consumption in any way. This will improve the erection.

4: Side effects of the Medication

By taking medicines against any disease, you cannot stop that disease because the medicine or the dosage of the medicine does not need to be favorable for everyone. After all, no human is healthy today.

Apart from one disease, the person taking the medicine may also have other health diseases. If you see some bad changes in your internal disease by taking that medicine, then you will start seeing the side effects of that medicine.

It is better that you go for the medicine of ED like Cenforce 200mg, Fildena 100mg & Malegra 100mg or any other disease than first take the advice of the pharmacist and doctor.

5: Low testosterone

It is heard that the lower the testosterone level, the more symptoms you will feel. The study found that 1 in 4 humans have low testosterone. This includes health issues like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and insomnia.

If you have also experienced low testosterone, there is nothing to worry about, as there are many treatments that can increase testosterone levels again.


Impotence is a common practice in men. There are many reasons for ED disease; there is no need to avoid it. If you are a victim of ED, take all the above reasons seriously, but before that talk to the doctor about ED.

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