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Do You Know These Things About Gestational Diabetes?


Diabetes is one of the common lifestyle diseases in today’s world, and one in every eleven people suffers from it. After all, you all know a little bit about it, for example, what to eat and what not to cure this disease. Still, there are many things you will want to about diabetes. Moreover, here we have included some important things about gestational diabetes. So, keep reading this guide to learn more.

What is gestational diabetes, and why does it occur?

Do you know what gestational diabetes is? Gestational diabetes is nothing but a disease that occurs in pregnant women. It can go away 4-6 weeks postpartum. In simple terms, a pregnant woman usually has a high glucose level. Gestational diabetes can arise in a woman because of hormonal imbalances that happen in the body during pregnancy.

Further, the placenta creates hormones that can cause a build-up of glucose in the blood. In this case, you should call a doctor. The doctor may recommend some medical supplies that you can rent from a medical equipment rental.

Risk factors associated with gestational diabetes

Many risk factors can raise the chances of occurring this health condition. Look at the following points to learn more.

  • If a woman age is more than 25 can experience this disease.
  • Gestational diabetes occurs due to obesity and overweight.
  • If a woman has a history of gestational diabetes during a previous pregnancy, she can suffer from this disease.
  • If you have delivered a baby with a high birth weight of over 4kgs.
  • Having high blood sugar levels.

In case of any of these health factors, you can consult your doctor. If they suggest some medical supplies, you can visit a pharmacy medical center to buy or rent them.

How to diagnose gestational diabetes?

You can have gestational diabetes in the second half of pregnancy, and a doctor can diagnose it through blood tests. However, many pregnant women are found positive for this disease between the 24th and 28th pregnancy. But your doctor can diagnose it with a blood test in the early phase of pregnancy. The doctor can also recommend you some medical supplies that you can find from a medical equipment rental. 

Risk to the baby

If gestational diabetes is detected in a pregnant woman, the gestational baby can receive this disease. However, your doctor can detect the disease in the early phase and provide necessary treatment so your baby can’t get diagnosed with it. The doctor can also prescribe you some medical supplies to buy or rent from a pharmacy medical center. That’s all.