Home Business Do you need to use digital forms for your service business?

Do you need to use digital forms for your service business?

Do you need to use digital forms for your service business?

If you are an incumbent, your answer may be ‘No’ to this question but think of yourself in the next ten years. Picture yourself holding a colossal file and getting yourself tired because of its weight. Imagine your employees manually searching something meaningful into your document storage office for hours and then returning to you without any clue. How messed up would be? 

Although many companies have not adopted digital platforms for managing routine tasks, leading companies in any industry have shifted to or are shifting to digital solutions for managing their sales, operations, human resource, logistics, and improving interdepartmental communication. Data collection is an essential aspect in the current era that was collected manually, but now companies rely on digital forms to collect important information. 

Let’s explore the reason why you should adopt digital forms for your service business. 

Cost, Time, and Energy Efficient

Suppose you are a company that has ideally deployed a paper-based strategy for the collection of essential data. Each time you send your field crew to carry out a task, you ask them to get a survey filled by the customer. The survey is brought, and another employee is responsible for entering the data into a computer and physically storing the survey for future reference. The who process of printing, getting it filled, data entry and storage are the hidden costs of paper-based strategy. Also, this method required lots of time and energy from an employee sitting on the desk entering the data manually. 

Digital forms empower you to save plenty of your time, energy, and money to invest in more strategic decisions and increase the profitability of your business. 

Achieve consistency

While setting up a digital form, you have the capability to set up certain rules for data collection such as mandatory fields, format for names, phone numbers and names, and certain values, etc., to achieve consistency in the data. The consistency would help you minimize the risks and interlink the data for future errors. 

Instant Access and Supercharges Your Analysis

In the case of a paper-based strategy, you may be required to be physically present at the office to access the forms. But if you are lucky to have a person who manually feeds the data into a computer. Still, the printing process is not efficient because paper-based forms require plenty of time to be entered into the computer and then be available for performing different analyses to drive your business. 

Digital forms give you control over data by empowering you to access data from anywhere in the world. In situations like Covid-19, when it is risky to meet physically, you can access the forms from your home computer, perform different analyses and drive your business from home. 

Mold them according to your business needs

Modern-day digital forms allow you to experiment with lots of stuff according to yours. You can collect important information such as signatures, generate receipts, take pictures as proof of delivery or completion of tasks, and maybe conduct surveys about your service quality. With a paper-based strategy, you might not have been able to perform any of these without incurring substantial costs. 

Meet international environmental standards

Due to industrialization and the increase in human population, over 420 million hectares of forest has been cleared that has caused severe repercussions for the environment. The current environmental crises require eco-friendly solutions for our daily tasks. Many global companies have stood up to the challenge and adopted environmentally friendly mechanisms to reduce carbon footprints. 

By adopting digital forms, you will go paperless, saving lots of trees from being cut down and contributing your share to conserve the environment. Meanwhile, you will be meeting sustainable development goals, which would send a positive message to your consumers and give you competitive advantages over your competitors. 

I would highly recommend you to have a look at Arrivy’s digital forms as they would enable you to seamlessly collect data, analyze it and drive your future.


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