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Document Verification For Online Cab Services and Food Deliveries


The rising number of digital frauds and scams has increased the need for some solution that can play a role in the prevention of account takeover and identity theft. Document verification can be used for only legitimate users on online platforms. 

Modern Use Cases of Document Verification

The swift in the usability of digital platforms for routine tasks has eased the common user and provided a new marketplace. New industries are flourishing these days like online cab services and online food delivery services. These services are greatly appreciated by customers amid Covid-19. People get used to these services because they provide their co-operations at the customer’s doorstep. But scammers also use this for illegitimate purposes. The scams that are incorporating the above businesses are fake or false addresses and fake driving licenses. Online services have seen cases where drivers are caught having fake driving licenses. This can disrupt customer trust in these businesses. Common passengers will not ride a cab that’s the driver is not authorized by the government. Like online cab services, food delivery is also at risk of losing their customer satisfaction level. Food delivery has faced problem-related to addresses where customers give their incomplete or false addresses while ordering food. When the delivery guy reaches the required spot, he gets to know that this is wrong and now he has to deliver them at some other location. A single mistake in zip code can deliver the food to another state or city.

How Online Document Verification can help?

Driving Licence Verification

Scammers use fake or stolen driving licenses to get onboard on online cab services. This can be controlled by verifying the driving licenses of the driver by online software. The document verification process is discussed below

  • Driver uploads the picture of his identity document
  • Captures a live selfie
  • Uploads the picture of driving license
  • The software extracts the data from id documents
  • The selfie is matched with the image on the document

ID cards or passports are used as identity document verification. The software extracts data through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. OCR can extract data from any document in any language. The expiry date of the driving license is also reviewed. Some countries do not mention the expiry of driving license on it but have a specific time frame of expiration after its issuance date. The software can calculate the exact expiry through the issuance date.

The software also checks the authenticity of the documents that they are actually issued by some government authority or not by examining holograms, signatures, and stamps on them. It verifies that the document is not modified or photoshopped. The live selfie ensures that the person is the same who he declares to be.

Address Verification 

Returned shipments had cost the e-commerce industry billions of dollars. According to a survey of Statista, returned deliveries costs $256.4 billion to Asia and the Pacific regions in 2019. The global number reached one trillion dollars in that year. This data shows how essential address verification is. The most common reason for it is that the user does not accurately give his address or gives his past address. Address verification is done after identity document verification, the process of identity verification is the same as discussed above but addresses are confirmed from some secondary documents. The steps of address document validation are given below:

  • User uploads the picture address proofing document
  • OCR extracts the data from the document

The address proofing document should not be more than 3 months old. It could be insurance statements, bank slips, utility bills, rental agreements, or employee letters.

Wrapping It Up

Document verification will eradicate all the difficulties faced by users and businesses. The traditional document verification was very time taking and irritating. Like users have to physically visit a bank to verify their documents. The online document verification solution provides the ease of remote verification and delivers the results in just minutes. By having document verification a business will have more customer satisfaction and better future opportunities.