Does the Inverter Price Determine Its Efficiency? Read This to Find Out


    The price of an inverter is nearly always the beginning point for any purchasing choice, but how do you know if the price you’re being provided is appropriate for the inverter and that you should get that model? What factors influence the price point? Why are certain inverters more expensive than others? 

    If you want answers to all of these questions and more, you’ve come to the correct spot, since we’ll help you figure out whether the inverter price, you’re being offered is the right one or not! 

    In a self-contained energy system, the inverter is one of the most critical and complicated components. You don’t need to know how an inverter works to choose one, but you should be aware of its basic functions, capabilities, and restrictions. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of inverters would probably be able to tell that the more electricity you require, the more powerful the inverter battery you need. Consequently, the cost of an inverter battery depends on how much electricity you need to keep your home appliances functioning during a power outage.

    So, does the inverter price actually affect the efficiency of the inverter? 

    It would not be completely right to say that the inverter price determines the efficiency of the inverter. There are other factors such as the type of the inverter and brand that come into play. But at the same time, it is not wrong either. If you are in the market searching for affordable inverter prices, you can probably tell that the more renowned brands would offer higher prices than you would get with a local brand and for good reason. 

    For instance, Luminous Icon is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after products in the category because of its features and reasonable pricing. It is an integrated inverter battery design with next generation revolutionary inverter design for hassle-free battery water top. Icon supports all Tubular batteries from 150Ah – 220 Ah and facilitates fast low voltage battery charging starts at 90V. It comes with an elegant, dedicated battery enclosure providing a modern outlook for your house. 

    If you are looking for a suitable inverter for your home, there are certain other things you need to keep in mind apart from the inverter price:

    • Measure Power Requirement  

    Your power requirement is the entire load you would like to keep running in the event of a power failure. Choose which appliances you want to keep running during a power outage with care.

    • Brand and Build

    The brand of the inverter also has an impact on the inverter price, the more premium the brand, the higher the price. This is because good businesses build their products using the good-quality available components and highest-grade materials, which has a direct impact on ownership quality. If you want to invest in a high-quality inverter, go with a company that has a reputation for producing industry-leading products such as Luminous India. 

    A local manufacturer’s inverter price will be much lower than that of a well-known brand. It’s up to you to prioritise quality over pricing, as brands have a reputation to uphold and so only produce high-quality products. As a result, rather than buying an inverter battery from a small manufacturer, it’s always better to spend a little more and invest in a device made by a reputable company.

    • Service Life 

    You don’t want to choose an inverter that is less expensive at first but ends up costing a lot more in the long run owing to maintenance expenditures. Even if the inverter price is on the higher end, if it has a long service life and a cheap cost of ownership, it’s advisable to choose it over the others. Read user reviews to get a sense of whether or not your chosen inverter is up to par, and then make a purchasing decision.

    When picking an inverter battery combo for your home, the price of the inverter battery should be one of several considerations. Never buy an inverter just because it’s cheaper; it’s more important to consider the product’s design and construction, the brand, the technology it’s based on, and the overall quality of ownership you expect. Now that you know the facts, we hope you can make a more informed purchasing decision!