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Does the SSL Certificate Affect SEO Adelaide Practices?


For those who don’t have any idea about SSL certificates or find the term known but not having any knowledge about it, we can let you know about it before starting a guide on SEO Adelaide and how SSL certificate affects SEO efforts.

The term “SSL certificate” is a frequently used term by website designers, developers, testers, and SEO geeks. It is a digital certificate that ensures the website’s identity and allows an encrypted connection. The full form of SSL is Secure Socket Layer which is a security protocol that connects web server and web browser with an encrypted link.

Let’s find out what the Best SEO Company in Adelaide denotes on whether an SSL certificate affects SEO efforts or not.

A clear and short answer to this question is, yes. SSL certificate affects SEO. The Google search increases on the basis of SSL certificate whether the website has personal data or not. It means that even if your website doesn’t have a login page, personal information, checkout page, or any sensitive information, it can still have SEO benefits just by installing an SSL certificate to the site.


There are more than 200 ranking factors on which Google determines the ranking game. Before we know how it impacts search engine ranking, let’s quickly ponder on how it actually works.

How SSL certificate functions:

A web browser or server tries to connect with a website that is secured with SSL. The server or browser requests that the webserver is identified. The web server sends a copy of the SSL certificate to the browser or server. The browser or server checks to find out whether to trust the SSL certificate or not. Then, it messages the web server. After that, the web server acknowledges with a digital signature to start an SSL encrypted session. Such encrypted data is shared between the web server and browser or server.

How does it affect search engine rankings?

It can boost search engine ranking

Google has already announced that any website with a secure SSL certificate can have more benefits over websites with no security. The same occurs with other search engines as well. Since evaluating the exact impact of an SSL certificate on any website’s SEO efforts is difficult.

It is also a bit hard to find out the actual impact of an SSL certificate on search engine rankings when it has endless backlinks.

As per a rule of thumb, it is better to have powerful backlinks than not having an SSL certificate.

Hence, it is necessary to know the importance of an SSL certificate that can boost your website ranking on the top-most result page. Moreover, if you are actually doing well on search engines, the inclusion of an SSL certificate will even boost your website’s efficiency.

It improves SEO efforts with a smart user experience

An SSL certificate can improve the user experience and there is no double thought in this statement. While searching for something on Google or on any other search engine, if you get to know that visiting the site is not safe, you will quit the traverse. If your website has an active SSL certificate, Google labels it as a security to visit. Any website without an SSL certificate could fail in delivering a good user experience.

Further, Google Chrome denies the websites for many reasons like dangerous websites, suspicious links, and some technical reasons. So, find out that how to unblock websites on chrome by simple and easy methods.

So, it is concluded that before you pay all the attention to SEO Adelaide services, don’t forget to check the SSL certificate for your website’s ranking boost.