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Drop or Dangle Earrings?


Before we venture into more details, let’s bring important definitions here:


Drop earrings will fall just below the imaginary line if there is a line between your ears. You must note that this ensemble does NOT move. It will stop at the base when it moves.


Dangle earrings hang below the line as mentioned above and sway when every move of the body.


Let’s examine the main differences in detail.


Drop earrings usually do not include a clip-on, and the closure for drop earrings are studs or posts. First, they are made with a plain or round earring casing; then, the earring is placed inside a plastic or metal tube long enough to dangle.


Unlike dangle earrings, which have no clips, most drop earrings have them. Clips are often used when you want to add a bit of flair to your outfit or when you are up to a fun night out with friends. Some also have dangling ear hooks that allow for a quick and easy change of direction. Some designs have semi-precious gemstones threaded through the wire to hold them in place. These types are usually reserved for very formal evening occasions.


Which design is more appealing to you? – The answer will likely be different for each of us. Dangle earrings add some unspeakable freshness or, as some of our customers described it – an “instant sparkle to dull outfits.”

The length of dangles can vary from short to very long.

Let us consider the following: 


  1.  Body type.  Do you have a long and lean body, or is your build shorter and petit?
  2. Style preference: what is your current style preference? Is it more playful or more conservative? Is it more calm or even muted or loud? This will be a huge defining factor in choosing the right type of earrings. Moving dangles can be more playful or show more attitude, unlike drops that can be quieter. Yet, they can also be rather loud. So make sure you choose the style that works for your mood, personality, and outfit type.
  3. Hair: Drop earrings are more universal, and it is probably safe to say that they will fit any style and length of hair. So if you are in doubt – choose Drop Earrings! If your hair is short – dangle earrings will work their charm, though.


Now, it is essential to understand the difference between types of dangle earrings:


 The Chandelier type: 

The design of chandelier earrings can be very different, but the idea is that they have several lines of beads tied together with a metal chain. Designs are ranging from minimal and simplistic to some incredibly intricate with lots of wavy ornaments.


 Beaded Earrings:  Beaded earrings are another excellent option when it comes to choosing the right style of earrings to suit you. “Beaded” means that the individual strands of beads or plastic are carefully arranged so that they create an optical illusion when the light hits them. When the light passes through the beads, it appears to bounce off the beads on the opposite sides.


 Three-Legged Earrings: You will not find any dangle earrings with ear hooks. This type of design will not consider the simple fact that three-legged earrings tend to be heavy. Typically dangling earrings will have a loop on the top and another loop at the bottom that attaches to the end of the earring. This design tends to distribute the weight throughout the entire piece evenly.

Three-Legged Earrings are available in a variety of beautiful materials.


No matter what type or style you choose, drop or dangle earrings can work their magic with different outfits, different moods, different ages, body and hair types.



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