Dropped Coffee on iPad! Can a Shop for iPad Repair Fix It?

We can often see people using their iPad while sipping a cup of coffee. And, sometimes, they also accidentally spill the coffee on the device. Have you done that? Or, have you dropped it in … Read More

We can often see people using their iPad while sipping a cup of coffee. And, sometimes, they also accidentally spill the coffee on the device. Have you done that? Or, have you dropped it in a tub full of water? The iPad, like other electronic devices, hates to come in contact with liquid. Water and beverages can damage every part inside it But this does not mean that you should write its obituary. Your water-damaged can be salvaged by those who can do excellent iPad repair in your city. So instead of moping around the house, you should look for a service centre that can handle your Apple device effectively.

Before you wear your sleuth hat and search for the most reliable repair centre for an iPad in your city, you need to take these steps to prevent your beloved device from becoming an expensive junk piece.

  • If you have dropped it in a tub full of water or some other body of water, get it off the water as soon as possible, and after that, turn it off immediately.
  • Do not try to charge your wet iPad in case it has become unresponsive. You should not press any buttons as well.
  • Take out the SIM Card.
  • Use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the wet surface. You should make sure that the water does not enter inside the iPad through the ports.
  • Do not try to insert the cloth or any other object inside the port. Also, do not use a hairdryer to dry your iPad.
  • You can keep the iPad in a container full of uncooked, dry rice for a couple of days. The rice can help draw out moisture.
  • Wait for two days for your iPad to dry and then turn it on.

If your iPad still won’t turn on, do not be disheartened and think that there is no other step left to revive it. You have the option of taking it to a service centre for iPad repair. It is, however, important that you find the right one. The repair of a water-damaged device is usually a complicated process, and we are talking about the iPad here – it is the toughest device to fix.

How to find the right service centre for the water-damaged iPad?

The increase in the number of mobile device users has resulted in the rise of service centres to fix it. You might find one near your place of residence or work. As you are looking for an immediate solution to your iPad problem, you might dash to the nearest centre without finding out its reputation and whether it can handle your Apple device. This hurry might make your iPad so damaged that no technician in the world can fix it. It could have been saved if you had taken the time to find the right service centre for it.

When you have lots of options, it becomes hard to choose the right one. So the first step you need to take while looking for a service centre for the iPad is: limit the available options. Here are some tips that can help you do that.

Committed to fixing iPad: You should always remember that your iPad is not another tablet. It has features that you expect from a computer. You cannot hand it over to the service centre that does tablet and smartphone repair. You must look for the ones that claim to be committed to the repair of iPads.

Can actually do an excellent job: Claiming to be the best in the city does not mean that a centre can actually fix your water-damaged iPad right the first time. You should make sure that it has the expertise and equipment needed for an excellent job. Check its website or call its customer support and find out information related to:

  • How many years of iPad repair experience its technicians have?
  • Does it follow Apple-approved repair protocol and tools?
  • Does it use genuine parts?
  • Does it offer a warranty on its repairs?

You should only consider Apple service centres that have a team of experienced iPad repair technicians and who use genuine parts and Apple-designed tools. And always look for a centre that offers a warranty on its repairs.

Turnaround time and reasonable repair fee: It takes time to fix a water-damaged iPad as it involves a thorough check-up and repair or replacement of multiple parts. It might take almost a week or more than that. For you, the right centre is the one that can do a top-quality repair in the shortest time possible. Also, you must find the one whose repair cost you find reasonable.

Once you have limited your options based on the above, determine the one that is accessible. Book an appointment with it for iPad repair and visit it.

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