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Dubai: A Place Of Dreams Or A Nightmare


There is no second thoughts in considering and ultimately defining the city of Dubai to be as the most happening cities around the world. The city is full of pleasure,glamour, night life and never-ending parties. Well, the city does not treats anyone differently and one of the reason for this is because the city is a quite popular options for tourists’ attention.

Yearly, millions of tourists visits Dubai particularly because of many reasons. Ranging from because of studies, to working purposes and generally because of visiting the city due to its utmost hype. Safe to mention that the hype is true and Dubai does helps a lot of people in fulfilling their dreams. On the other hand, the mystery that further intrigues visitors to visit it is that the place being magical in a sense that it provides major employment opportunity to the ones who are desperately seeking it.

Or the real irony is that the city is quite a tricky place to spend the life. Reasons for this criticism is because the city entails strict regulations and cruel terms for residents as well. These rules range from negligence given to human rights needed in the city to severe damaging conditions of water scarcity in the city till the mushy traffic condition of the city.

This, discourages the inside tourists of many people and even individuals who are seeking to plan their future in Dubai. Business ventures including AssignmenthelpUAE are nonetheless, proving that expanding and successfully running in the economy of a faced-paced city as this one is not an easy task.

Thereby, the following piece of materials entails that individuals who are thinking to plan their careers in the under discussion city must take care of severe parameters that can potentially hurt and affect their future plans.

  • The city demands strict labor working rules,
  • The city and its existing industries has some diminishing terms regarding daily wagers in terms of salaries,
  • The city has certain very risky and reckless traffic systems and hence tricky traffic requirements including insurance of traffic license and parking tickets as well,
  • Stateless individuals are not very much welcomed in the city that breaks about severe human rights,
  • Due to being heavy exporters of Oil , and loss of particular biodiversity in that dimension the city overall faces major scarcity of water resources,
  • Though the city has exceptional infrastructures, globally acknowledged and appraised businesses including restaurants, cafes and malls. Still, this creates a vast amount of competition in the city for the new comers and entrepreneurs,
  • Foremost, this time to pandemic is especially quite risky for a city as mentioned. Mainly because as mentioned earlier, Dubai stays as a place of attraction for tourists all the year. This enhances the risk of more and people catching the contagious and naval virus.

With this, if you are someone who is looking to shift in Dubai or know someone who is planning to go there and spend their lives. Then, this article is all what you have to read about in the first place.