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Dubai is Mecca of the Yachts World


An expert yacht designer shares his view on the change that took place recently, and he says that, “young gentry of the affluent yacht owners have replaced the old one”. He meant to say that earlier he experienced to sit with the elderly clients ordering the yachts, but now as per his new experience the new generation is sitting with him mostly who are hardly between mid thirties to late forties, while according to him the early customers were generally sixty years and above.

Dubai boat show is the largest gathering of yachts worldwide, it cannot be perceived as coincidence because half of the world’s luxuries yachts belong to Arab affluent from the Persian Gulf Countries are the owners. Thinking of luxury Yacht Rental Dubai! Then come to Elite Pearl which is famous for Yachts Rental services in Dubai Marina then give a call to know more to book private luxury yachts dubai.

His Highness Sheikh Makhtoum pays his valuable visit to the Dubai Boat Show that is not simply a show but it is something that provides the platform to worldwide yacht lovers to gather at one place with the diversified option of yachts.

Dubai boat show

By the time Dubai Boat Sow event takes place the people start to throng by the sunset. Generally the visitors are the potential customers of the yachts.

The Dubai boat show is an annual event so this is an opportunity to find world’s leading ship yards, manufacturers, engine manufacturers, marine engineers, yacht designers and decorators are present here. Elite Pearl is famous for yachts rental Dubai!

The importance of Dubai Boat Show

Sabrina Monte Leonne is a famous name among the interior designers of the luxury yachts manufacturing firms, and she also fails to stop herself after all it her passion. She enjoys her business which is to meet new clients every now and then, so the meeting is all about getting the new business.

The customers from the Persian Gulf states are the target clients for her and this is the beauty and significance of the Dubai Boat Show.

Boat versus Yacht

There is the difference between ship, speed boat, boat ship etc. and a Yacht, and if the length of the yacht is more than 25 meter it falls into the category of the super yacht and if the length goes beyond fifty meters then it falls into the category of mega yachts.

A boat is something generally used for the commercial fishing or fishing excursions it is smaller in size in compare to yachts and less in amenities along with the privacy because boats are generally meant to serve the commercial purpose only.

The yachts are the expensive water craft meant for the amusement, excursion and privacy which is attended 24/7 round the year by the dedicated staff. Usually chief or the captain are ought to stay on the board. Rent yacht in Dubai now!

Why Yacht is the business of high net worth?

May the size does not matter in many things but yachts with more volume has upper hand in compare to the length.  The volume in gross tonnes means that more space within the yacht and more privacy as well. Do not worry for yacht rental in Dubai Marina!

The super yachts worth millions and so it requires extravagant cost to run, and that is the capacity of ultra high net worth individuals. The cost of a yacht varies that who is the designer, what is the technology available within, what is the guest capacity and speed.

The biggest Mega Yacht is famous as ‘Azam’ which is owned by the President of United Arab Emirates Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The cost of this luxury water craft is six hundred million dollars while it requires an enormous cost to keep it running into the water. Even the dry docks are not going to spare you as owner they will charge anchoring costs depending upon that which corner of the world you are going to choose. Cal us now for the luxury yacht rental Dubai!