Home Technology Ducted Gas Heating Installation: What Everyone Needs To Know

Ducted Gas Heating Installation: What Everyone Needs To Know

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Winter is coming! It might sound exciting at the beginning of the season to welcome the snowy whites around the house and the cosy climate with a cup of hot chocolate. What if it becomes a routine? Nothing is disappointing and moody like a morning in a cold house, and it becomes worse when there is a freezing bathroom to use. If the situation becomes disturbing, the only solution available will be ducted heating installation.


What makes ducted heating different from other massive range of home heating options is its cost-effectiveness and suitability to the home or lifestyle. Check out this article to know why ducted heating is never an environmental disaster as its benefits are enormous and eco-friendly.


1) Versatility and Suitability for Home and Lifestyle

More and more people are choosing ducted heating now for their homes. The reason why people trust this installation now is its versatility. No matter what type of home the buyer has, this installation can easily sync with it. It can be successfully installed in either a Queenslander or a brand new villa as they perfectly blend with any floor plan.


There are two options available in ducted heating installations, and they are:


  1. A) Gas Ducted Heating

GDH or gas ducted heating is the popular kind of heating system that works with the help of natural gas. In some cases, LPG is also used. A gas ducted heating system contains a furnace that is fixed externally. This furnace warms up the cold air that passes through the heat exchanger. The warm air is later pumped to different areas of the building or house with the help of ducts or outlets. In the next phase, the air is collected back in a ceiling before recirculating it.


  1. B) Gas Ducted Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioning

In gas ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, the system works with double efficiency than a winter heater. It is fueled by electricity and contains a fan, coil, a compressor, a method of ducts and a refrigerant that helps cool down the air. As mentioned in the earlier design, ducts act as a vehicle here as well and circulate the warm air through the house. Air will be absorbed again before recirculating in the second phase.


2) Plenty of Options

Ducted heating installations give plenty of options now as it is available as an induction in the roof, on the external wall and under the floor. It utilizes every nook and cranny of the wall and floor space of the building. It is a myth that this installation will intrude on more areas, but that is not the truth! Every heavy machine in this system will be installed outside the house.


3) Easy to Install

The magic of this installation is that one system is enough to heat the entire home or building. A perfectly sized floor plan for the house brings out the beauty of this installation. Another important thing is the quick and easy method of this system. Soon after the installation, that is the next day itself; the buyer can use the system. It shows the system is user friendly and, at the same time, budget-friendly too.



Since the system is energy-efficient, it is the most affordable heating system available now. Low installation and running cost is the attractive part of this system. Buyers should have explicit knowledge of the specifications which promote energy efficiency in this system. Ask the manufacturers before you install it.


5)Safe and Secure

No worries for home with kids and pets as the system is the safest one available for now. Since there is no open fire, heater or gas wall heater, there is no chance of contacting hot surfaces. Safety is the priority of the ducted gas heating installations.