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Dye sublimation t shirts brisbane


Dye-sublimation printing (otherwise called all-over printing) is a full tone, full-inclusion printing method. Sublimation is the procedure of moving an extraordinary color onto a polyester texture. You’re fine art is imprinted onto paper and compressed onto the texture utilizing high warmth. Tones are very energetic and photograph practical, with a solid and smooth feel. The plan prospects are thusly interminable!

It is best on white or delicately hued textures and can print in full tone, including fluoro, metallic and intelligent shadings. It is generally utilized in style attire and athletic apparel.


Your craftsmanship is imprinted onto an uncommon paper and moved onto a white or daintily shaded polyester piece of clothing by applying high warmth and tension. The strong color particles convert into gas – known as sublimation – where they diffuse into the polyester strands and yet again harden. Not at all like screen printing, weaving, or transfers, the color is for all time smudged into the texture. It’s similar to inking, yet rather than needles, paper and warmth are utilized to smudge texture spot by dab.

What are the upsides of color sublimation?

– Artwork is forever intertwined into your pieces of clothing, so it won’t strip or blur.

– Dye has an extremely delicate hand feel – it won’t develop on the texture when printing.

– Colors are dynamic and superior grade.

– Decorate the entire piece of clothing – front, back, and sleeves – for the greatest effect

– Garment and logo tones can be coordinated to your image

It- Easy to wash and focus on, no pressing of articles of clothing required

All-over color sublimation shirt printing permits us to cut and sublimate a texture with your plan before the item is sewn together. This methodology ensures we keep away from mix-ups and irregularities, so your fine art is smooth, significant, and pretty great,

All-over sublimation printing is for the most part done on 100% polyester pieces of clothing. This is as yet the situation at Hunter. Notwithstanding, we have set aside the effort to source and foster the best textures to oblige all-over sublimation printing for brands who are hoping to isolate themselves from the opposition.