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Easy tactics to increase your Google reviews


Nowadays almost all the small and big businesses are on google. The growing trend of digital marketing has made every small business switch to a digital platform.  But with digital technologies, customer reviews and support plays a very crucial role because the majority of people check reviews and ratings before trusting any services online.

Hence, reviews affect very much in enhancing the business growth. Reviews are the reflection of your service provided to customers, if a customer is angry or unhappy with your service; he is going to put the genuine reviews about your service online. 

In this digital generation, many frauds and fake reviews too take place but people have become smart nowadays with the smart technologies so, it is possible to differentiate between fake and genuine reviews.

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Some easy ways to get more google reviews for the business:

  1. You can ask the customer directly for google reviews.
    This is one of the easiest way to collect google reviews, if you are having a conversation with a happy customer, you can politely ask for the google review directly.
  2. Send follow-up emails regularly for more google reviews.
    After the satisfactory job completion, don’t forget to send a follow-up email asking for the review to the customer. Add a direct link for the google review in the mail so; it is easier for the customer. Be personal and write a thanking message in the mail to appreciate customers.
  3. Leave your google card at the customer’s property.
    If you visit any customer regarding a business meeting, you can just leave your google card at the customer’s place to remind them for google reviews.
  4. Add a review link to your business website.
    Create a custom review link using the review generator tool and place it on your website.
  5. Use the google review generation tool for more reviews.
    Review generation tools make the process much easier and smooth. You can find the best review tools online such as broadly, nice job, pulsem, and many more.
  6. Keep follow-up for review requests multiple times.
    It might happen that you sent review follow-up at the wrong time, this doesn’t mean the customer is not interested to review your service. Try sending a new review request after some time.
  7. Add a call to action or popup on the website.
    You can add a popup like are you loving our service? Leave a review. This will encourage customers to give reviews and stars.
  8. Respond positively to the customer.
    Always respond to every review whether it is positive or negative. Say thank you to positive and address the issue with an apology for the negative review.

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Don’t choose the shortcut method to increase business, like buying fake google reviews and other wrong techniques as it will degrade your business performance and impression and affect you negatively. The key to a healthy and successful business is to perform better steadily with the best service.  Hope you enjoyed reading our article, follow the above tips to increase your Google reviews genuinely and watch your business growing soon. 

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