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Effective Systems For Anti Tailgating Measures


When an unauthorized person gains access to a restricted area without going through security checks, just by closely following an authorized person, this instance is known as tailgating. Probably the weakest point in the security of any establishment. Surprisingly tailgating is very common and frequent. It is much easier than duplicating credentials or hacking into the security system.
We are accustomed to opening doors for our colleagues and other people; as a gesture of courtesy or politeness. People let their colleagues pass through the speed gate or turnstile without using a pass, any identifying credential. In buildings and facilities where restrictive access protocols are in place, tailgating is a constant source of concern for security officials. There is always a chance an unsuspecting authorized person may innocently give access to an intruder.
An intruder in the restricted access environment can do property damage, steal valuables, access sensitive data, or harm the personnel/occupants of the building.
There are some businesses like gyms and health clubs that rely heavily on paid memberships. People with ill intentions may intrude on the premises by tailgating, which means revenue loss for the business۔ If the security staff constantly fails to stop the tailgating, the problem may aggravate, further affecting the profitability of a business.
No matter what reason you have to control access to your buildings, it is your right to deny physical access to an unwanted person. Companies develop access control systems and employ advanced technologies to make those systems reliable and foolproof. These systems allow only a single person from an entry point at a time, eliminating the tailgating effectively.
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Choosing the right access control system that provides excellent security for your premises depends upon recommendations of the security assessment reports. The security consultants evaluate your building’s entry and exit points and overall security risks. They will provide guidelines that will help choose a suitable access control system. Consider if the entry points to the building are monitored by security staff, the number of persons entering and exiting simultaneously, at a given time. There are several most recommended options for access control systems are as follows.
Security Portals
These Access Control Systems; provide round-the-clock access to authorized personnel. These are the secure airlock units best for anti-tailgating systems. Equipped with Anti Piggy Backing Device, which scans the portal with sophisticated sensors and makes sure only a single person enters the main building. In case the sensors detect piggybacking, the alarm is activated. Security portals are monitored remotely and don’t need security staff. For high-security facilities, security portals can be customized; with different finishes. Advanced security features like bulletproof materials, advanced motion-detecting sensors, metal detectors; are mounted in these systems to make them robust and ultra-safe.
Speed Gates
Speed gates are ideal for mixed-use buildings. These gates complement the theme of the interiors and looks and are available with highly aesthetic finishes. Turnstiles in Saudiare a popular and suitable choice for many building managers. These speed gates can be upgraded by; incorporating anti-tailgating sensors, high glass wings, biometric systems, facial recognition systems, or touchless technology.
Bar Turnstiles
Bar turnstiles are cost-effective solutions for granting controlled access to a building. Controlled by an access card that activates an electrical system to allow or deny access through a waist-height bar. Newer unipod turnstile bars are replacing the older tripod bar turnstiles. These turnstiles are available in broader versions as well.
An ideal security system and access control system for any building must incorporate all the elements of different technologies at multiple layers of security. The combination of these technologies makes a robust and cost-effective security system. These systems provide elaborate protection against all security risks. They can be used in different locations within premises for enhanced security. Anti-tailgating measures are effective and indispensable in any security apparatus. In the absence of these simple systems, all your advanced integrated systems are useless in restricting physical access to the facility. Modern anti-tailgating systems are barely noticeable, installed discretely, and active in our facilities performing the desired tasks.
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