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Enchanting Design Patterns for Catchy and Customized Lipstick Boxes

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In the river of cosmetic products, many innovations are ready to make our appearance glamorous and catchy. But the use of only lipstick without any other makeup products are still having its own place in the life of a female. Whenever they are in a hurry, then lipstick plays their part perfectly. They only pick lipstick and apply them on their lips in seconds. Sometimes, they use a light touch on their eyes, lips, and chicks as blush. Such fragile lipsticks are pack in custom lipstick boxes to ensure the protection to deliver securely in customers’ hands. Here is the list of lipstick that is available in the market for people. 

  • Bullet 
  • Liquid 
  • Tinted lip balm 
  • Lip plumper mask 
  • Glossy, matte, and semi-gloss 

Let us see why design matters for lipstick packaging boxes and how you can create an enticing design pattern for boxes. 

Why Does Design is Matter a Lot in Lipstick Packaging?

The outer side of the packaging is the first communicator device that does its job to build relations among brands and customers. If the outer packaging of lipstick does not look fabulous, consequently, no one attracts by their packaging on the cosmetic shelves. On the other hand, unique designs for lipstick boxes attract customers in the clusters of other lipstick brands. Add to this; you have more opportunities to grasp the attention of new customers. So, custom lipstick boxes are the best solution to choose any design patterns you want according to your interest. Now it’s time to jump into the list of designs that grasp the attention of your customers as soon as possible. 

Golden Triangle Design Pattern for Lipstick Boxes 

Printing other shapes on lipstick boxes and choose them only for the logo is the traditional style. It’s time to print one shape on the whole lipstick boxes to give a distinctive look in the industry. So, the use of golden triangle design patterns on custom lipstick packaging looks vintage and elegant to attain customers’ attention. Moreover, for the golden touch, the use of gold foil is best to give extra shine to packaging and click on the eyes of your target audiences. You have the option to choose the triangle size as per your choice. 

Print Golden Roses on Black Background to Give Retro Look 

Another lipstick box packaging design with a black and golden touch is waiting for you. If you don’t like the geometrical touch of the packaging of your product, then the printing of rose flowers is a bewitching option to give the bold touch with floral patterns. In this regard, you can use a black background and use gold flowers patterns on the boxes that grab more and more customers from long distances. If you want to go for a light combination instead of a bold look, then the use of white color with silver and gunmetal foil for roses is a sublime choice. 

Rose Gold and Teal Abstract Geometrical Shapes 

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Abstract designs mean they contain geometrical shapes and lines to draw a subjective design for your customers. Such sort of designs captivate the customers and compel them to think about the brand message for more clarification. So, the most decent color combination of rose gold and teal has waited for your attention with abstract shapes. You can pick these designs for your lipstick box designs also change the shape according to your need. Next to this, the design creates the 3D effect for your lipstick boxes that look real and wow. 

Print 3D Illustrative Pattern for Printed Lipstick Boxes 

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In this design, packaging manufactures create 3D illustrative design patterns for your lipstick boxes. This design will create on behalf of your imagination what you want to display on your lipstick boxes. Many people print graphics that explain the color as well as a complete story for your customers. Likewise, if the girl wears pinkish-red and ruby shade lipstick, then the packaging has a design with a pinkish-red tone, and the girl wears red ruby lipstick on their lips. Moreover, the color of lips is variegated as per the shades that you pack in the lipstick boxes. So, you can pick any design and colors for your custom printed lipstick boxes for your lipstick brands to make your brand reputation. 

Gold Marble Pattern for Lipstick boxes 

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Do you love marble patterns in product packaging? Sometimes, it looks fabulous and gives an artistic presentation for your customers. Next to this, you can also use the text logo on the lipstick boxes for products authentications. Black and gold marble design is the best source to combine the bold and vintage look together enough to engage your audiences. The use of pink and cream marbling effect for lipstick boxes with logo is a superlative option to make them enthralling for lipstick lovers. 

Flavor Printing with Burgundy Colours 

Well, multiple colors are used by cosmetic brands likewise; black, maroon, blue, pink, plum, and golden. But the touch of burgundy shades that give new life to your custom lipstick packaging boxes is an awesome opportunity for your brand. Apart from this, you can print the chef flavor of your lipstick on the packaging boxes. For instance, if your lipsticks contain jojoba, cocoa, grapes, strawberry, cherry, and peach extracts or oils, then you print their graphics on the packaging with burgundy shades. Similarly, Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom Lip Color has cocoa as the main ingredient, so they print the coco image on the lipstick boxes if they want. 

Print Peacock Wing and their Graphics 

The peacock wings contain multiple shades and combinations that look cool and pretty enough. So, if you offer vibrant and bright lipstick colors, you can use peacock wings graphics on the lipstick boxes. Apart from this, you can use such design patterns to look fantastic, especially on the custom liquid lipstick packaging. You can do multiple variations in colors by getting help from CMYK and PMS color models. 

Ending thoughts for Design 

So, the gist of the above discussion is to explain the quirky and extraordinary beautiful design patterns for your cosmetic products, particularly lipstick packaging. Custom lipstick boxes can design in countless design patterns as per the choice of your customers. In this regard, you can go for geometrical shapes patterns with teal and rose gold colors, doodle patterns, marbling effect, reggae color themes, and print illustrative design patterns on the box. Now it’s all up to you what elements you can see in your lipstick packaging regarding the esthetics.