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Essential Things Which You Must Understand About The PH Value Of Your Skin!

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Our skin is the most vulnerable organ that is subjected to various harsh external conditions. All this also contributes to disrupting the pH level of our skin, which accelerates the deterioration of our skin condition. Therefore it is crucial to understand the skin’s pH level. And accordingly, use the right set of products like face wash creams to make your skin better.

About of pH value of your skin

pH value of 7 is an indication of neutral where the value higher than this is alkaline and lower is acidic. For the skin, the pH level should be between 4 and 7. According to some research, it was noted that the ideal pH level is just below 5.

Infants generally have a high pH level all over their skin, and as they get older, their pH levels start to decline. The average pH level of a newborn is seven, whereas the intermediate pH level of the adult skin is 5.7.

The pH level of skin generally depends on the area of the body. Lesser exposed areas like buttock, armpits, and so are typically naturally acidic. And the area which is usually exposed, like hands, face, etc. tend to be alkaline.

Factors that can affect the pH level of your skin

  • Acne
  • Air pollution
  • The humidity level of the atmosphere
  • Season
  • Cosmetic products
  • Detergents
  • Antibacterial products like soap, gel, etc
  • Sweat
  • Exposure to UV rays
  • Type of water used to wash your skin, etc.

Ways of checking the pH value of your skin

  • pH kits

There are pH kits available in the market that could be used to check the pH level of the skin at home. This kit contains paper strips that are to be applied to your skin to measure the pH level.

  • Dermatologist

A dermatologist will measure your skin’s pH value with a liquid pH testing kit. Apart from the pH testing, the dermatologist will extend other cosmetic and skin-related care if required.

  • Observe

It is also possible to get a general idea of your skin’s pH level through careful observation. Skin with a soft texture with no dry spot is considered skin with the required pH level balanced. At the same time, the skin with acne, redness, and dry spots is considered to be the signs of high skin pH level having an alkaline profile.

Ways to maintain the best pH level for the skin

  • Wash your body with a gentle cleanser containing alkaline-based ingredients.
  • Skin toners help in neutralizing extra alkalinity that adversely affects your skin’s pH level.
  • Use gentle exfoliants to cleanse your skin at least once a week.


Skin pH is one of the significant factors that have to be considered to maintain healthy skin. Every skin type has a different pH level. Shahnaz Husain’s products are known for their wellness and ayurvedic therapy. Hence, use the right sets of herbal body care products to nourish and maintain the skin’s pH level.