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Essential things you must put on your business cards!


We have moved to a digital era where businesses are focusing more on getting likes on their Facebook page than the increase in the number of their physical stores. Well, there is nothing wrong with this type of approach as the businesses are targeting people where they are actually present. But still, in the current era of digitization, there are few traditional business tools that have not lost their value and one such business tool is a business card online furniture shopping.

Business cards are the most professional way of introducing your company to someone, regardless of who the recipient is. It doesn’t matter whether you are at a trade show, at an industry conference, or just having a conversation with a stranger in the metro, passing over a business card is the best thing you can do. But do you know what an ideal business card should contain?

In this blog post, we will walk you through all the main things that you must put on your business card to make it more effective.


One of the most important things that you should never miss to put in your event business card is your business logo. The logo is going to be the first thing that the recipient is going to notice after receiving your business cards and this is why it should be used on the top left-hand corner of the card.

Make sure to use a high-quality logo and don’t overdo it while putting the logo on the card as there are other things that need to be included in the business card as well. For a better quality logo on the business card, always choose an experienced printing company.

Company’s name

The name of the company is another important thing that you should have on your business card and it should always be used just beside the logo. If the logo of the company contains the entire name of your company then there is no need to include the company name.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while putting the company’s name on the event business card is the font type and the font size of the company’s name. It should be similar to that of the logo otherwise both the logo and company name will not look aligned and this will degrade the overall look of your business card.

Your name

This might be the most obvious thing to include in the business card, especially if you are the owner of the company but there are many people who just include the company’s name. Don’t make such type of mistake while designing a business card since a business card is not only about your company but it’s about who you are as well.

In most cases, your name should be on the lower left side or the lower right side of the business card and it should have a slightly larger font size in comparison to all the other content (except the company name) included in the business card.

Contact information

Since we are living in a digital era and people may contact you in different ways, it is always a good approach to start your contact information with your email address. In addition to your own email address, you can include the company’s email address as well but it is always a better idea to use only one email address and keep things simple furniture shop in mumbai.

In addition to this, you should include your phone number as well and it should be mentioned in your own country’s format. But this is not it as people might be interested in visiting you personally and this is where the complete address of the company can come in handy.

There is always a lot to include in the contact section of an even business card and that is why it needs to be managed precisely.

Company’s website address

Another important change that has come to the business cards since the influx of digitization is the introduction of the website address of the company. This has become crucial if you are looking forward to giving more information about the company.

The URL of the company can act as a call-to-action of the business card as after reading the business card, if the person wants to know more about the company then they can simply visit the website and gather more information. This is another reason to include the URL of your company. It can be included right below the company name or below the contact information section.

Coming up with an ideal business card design is not rocket science as all that you need is the right type of printing company, the important things that need to included in the business card, good quality material and a proper design.