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Everything You Need To Know About Calculating Calories

Calories Required Per Day

Keeping a check on calories required per day and maintaining the count is essential to keep a healthy lifestyle. It also helps an individual to keep their fitness goals on track. Keeping a note of every meal consumed in a day requires a deeper understanding of calories and meals consumed. 

If the awareness of calories is not there, people are more likely to consume extra calories than required. Also, during their exercise sessions, if they are unable to burn a sufficient amount of calories to maintain proper weight. Learning the ways of accurately counting calorie intake and calorie burn is a real challenge. Do remember, improper calorie counting can result in many health hazards. 

People on strict diet plans often give up on dieting – it is reasonable to think that even when they are taking the right amount of calories, still there are no results. Finally, they start to believe that starving is the only means to lose weight. Some even begin to work out for extra hours, while others drop their weight loss sessions thinking that it’s almost impossible to lose weight.

Tips for Calculating Calories correctly

There is no rocket science behind counting calories. With little effort, you can get yourself trained to properly balance the calories in your daily schedule.

  • Counting Calories Takes Practice

Precisely counting calories required per day, takes a lot of understanding and practice. Dieticians are trained in calculating calorie intake for a patient. However, specific approaches can help simplify calorie counting. For example, a lot of health care products like wearable bands are available in the market which can help in counting calories for your intake and your workouts. 

  • Learn When to Weigh and When to Measure

It is vital for beginners who are not familiar with portion sizes to weigh or measure their food. Experts recommend investing in scales, measuring spoons, and measuring cups to get started. Typically solid foods must be weighed and not put into measuring cups as they may not provide accurate results. 

  • Take Accurate Measurements

Even for those who know portion sizes well, it is best to weigh and measure frequently. For example, if someone eats grilled chicken every day, measuring is the right way to count the calories accurately. As the size of the chicken breast is not always the same.

  • Note Everyday

Individuals keeping track of their diet must make notes of their diets every day. Most people leave this practice, particularly on weekends, which can produce adverse results for their health. Keep a note of every food item as the day goes down. If one waits till the end of the day, they will likely forget the little things they consumed. There are several mobile applications and smart devices that can track your calories intake and demonstrate the calories required per day. 

  • Keeping Track Of Every Meal

People following a strict diet only keep a tab of the big meals they eat daily. In the process, they end up omitting the extras. One should note everything they eat throughout the day, including creamers, sweeteners, spreads, sauces, fries, Tea, Coffee, and everything in between. It might seem a bit overwhelming, but certain sweeteners can increase overall calorie intake.

  • Counting the Calories Burnt

The calories used up during a specific exercise varies from person to person. It is primarily because of the differences in body weight. The weight, height, age and lifestyle of a person determine how many calories are required and used.

Modern gym equipment also provides estimates of calories burnt during an exercise regime. However, it will not show the exact amount of calories burnt without the user’s body weight. Typically the equipment is designed to show calories burnt by an individual of standard bodyweight.

  • Study the Calorie Count of Home Cooked Foods

Most people have a handful of recipes that they frequently cook at home. It is always beneficial to take some extra time to calculate the calories in each recipe. Similarly, one must also check calories per serving. There is always an option to tweak the recipe to keep it light on calories.

Exercise Properly For Accurate Calorie Burn

Even when the equipment shows the calories burnt during exercise, it assumes that the user was doing the exercise correctly. Likewise, exercising for the exact duration is also important to keep track of calories burnt. One must only count the actual minutes of engaging in an activity to accurately calculate calories.

Consuming fewer calories is not always an intelligent move for losing weight. Therefore it is essential to know how many calories are necessary to maintain an ideal weight. Then only one can decide on a diet or an exercise plan. At present, several online tools help determine daily calorie intake based on factors like height, weight, gender, goal, and activity level. So don’t wait and start counting calories to keep you fit, now and always.