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Everything You Need to Know about CNA certification in Fresno, CA


A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is one of the integral parts of any health care facility. They are an important position and are responsible for many duties. The primary responsibility of a certified nursing assistant is to take care of the patients’ basic needs and assist them in daily activities with which they might face a challenge, such as bathing or getting groomed.

A certified nursing assistant works under a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse. A CNA certification in Fresno, CA, is your entry into the healthcare field. It can also help you to propel your career.

What is the difference between Certified Nursing Assistants, Medical Assistants, and Licensed Practical Nurses?

The primary responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant and Medical Assistant are similar. They both work with patients and provide care to them. However, they both are different healthcare positions.

The Medical Assistant focuses on the assessment and evaluation of the patient. They also assist the doctors with patient treatment and care. In contrast, the Certified Nursing Assistants are concerned with direct patient care.

To become a Licensed Practical Nurse, you are required to clear the state-mandated exam and acquire the license. To become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must take CNA classes in Fresno, Californiaand get the license for the same. The Licensed Practical Nurse takes the same class as the Registered Nurse to understand the human body and health care. They also perform an extra tasks such as inserting a peripheral intravenous catheter.

The Responsibilities of CNA

When you opt for CNA programs in Fresno, California, you are trained to perform the responsibilities efficiently:

  • Repositioning and turning patients
  • Collecting supplies for MD and RN
  • Taking vital signs as per rules
  • Bathing patients
  • Documenting the obtained information
  • Feeding patients
  • Mapping and recording the food and liquid consumption of patients
  • Shaving, combining the hair, cutting the nails, and brushing the teeth of the patients
  • Cleaning bed linens and room
  • Stocking supplies
  • Preparing rooms
  • Assisting in medical procedures
  • Dressing injuries
  • Helping patients with elimination

The direct responsibilities of a CNA vary as per the locations and the requirement of the nurse.

Where does a CNA work?

A CNA certification in Fresno, CA, would also offer you on-hand training so that you can work in different settings. A CNA may be required to work in different settings such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing home
  • Long-term residential facilities
  • Adult daycare center
  • Rehabilitation center
  • Clinical facilities

CNAs mostly work in adult care facilities and nursing homes. On very rare occasions, CNA is required to work in clinical facilities.

What Qualities are expected from CNA?

As a CNA, you need to be calm and good-natured to deal with patients who are suffering. When you enroll yourself in CNA classes in Fresno, California, they help incorporate skills you need to possess as CNA. The qualities required for CNA are:

  • Empathy
  • Physical Strength
  • Reliability
  • Compassion
  • Time Management
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Flexibility

What are the advantages of becoming a CNA?

Before you decide to pursue CNA programs in Fresno, California, you may doubt the advantages or perks of being a Certified Nursing Assistant. It offers various advantages such as:

  • You can make a difference– The job of a Certified Nursing assistant is Noble. If you have always wanted to make a difference in society and help the elderly and ill, this is the perfect job. As a CNA, you provide essential services to patients and their families. These services may include assisting the patients in everyday tasks, like bathing, dressing, cooking, linen-changing, and eating.
  • Specialization opportunity- After working as a CNA for some time, you can also try nursing and explore specialization. It can open the door to career and educational programs such as advanced practice nurse or registered nurse. These two professions will offer you specialization in pediatrics, family practice, oncology, gerontology, and acute care.
  • Budget-friendly- The online CNA programs in Fresno, California, are affordable. Some hospitals and organizations also offer a free training program. If you want to make a career in healthcare field without needing to spend a lot of money and time, then it is the most suitable opportunity for you.
  • Flexibility- As a CNA training program, you can chose to work as a part-time, full-time or on-call duty. Once trained, you can negotiate your shift with the employer.