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Everything you need to know about CompTIA PenTest+

CompTIA PenTest+

The certification of CompTIA PenTest+ was introduced in the year 2018. The certificate was one of the intermediate-level credentials for cybersecurity specialists or professionals. If the individuals pursuing the certification have any knowledge regarding penetration testing, the CompTIA PenTest+ credential will become an advantageous option. The best part of the credential is that the certification exam requires the individuals to demonstrate their management expertise to build penetration testing and vulnerability assessment strategies. The certification course features launching attacks on the device, vulnerability assessment, managing, penetration testing, and reporting the vulnerabilities present on the network.

The credential of CompTIA PenTest+ also assesses the current Pen Testing certification along with dogs management expertise and vulnerability assessment which are significant enough to state the flexibility of the network against the attacks. The candidates that emerge successfully must have the best practices essential for the customization that the assessment infrastructure requires to collaborate efficiently and communicate suggested techniques to develop the complete state of Information Technology security.

Objectives of the course:

  • The certification of CompTIA PenTest+ provides proper understanding to the individuals regarding the performance in the field of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.
  • The individuals also need to keep in mind the data from the emphatic report and the analysis results.
  • Apart from everything, the individuals also need to analyze the wastage of building strategies and critical aspects of compliance.
  • The candidates pursuing the following certification need to be thorough about the RF vulnerabilities, physical security attacks, exploring the network appropriately, and performing the post-exploration techniques.
  • The individuals need to have thorough knowledge about penetration testing whether the help of numerous coding scripts like Ruby, Bash, Python, and PowerShell.
  • The candidates pursuing the credential need to be Thor about the flexibility of the network regarding the vulnerable attacks and the process required to mitigate them.
  • Lastly, the individuals need to have a thorough understanding regarding the complete state of the development of Information Technology security all over the organization.

Main reasons to pursue the CompTIA PenTest+ certification:

Provides job opportunities:

Apart from the following, the area of cybersecurity even carries more number of designations. The demand for cybersecurity experts is rapidly hiking because of the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in numerous companies looking forward to diving into this field. Due to the following reason, the companies provide excellent job opportunities to the individuals who have the certification of CompTIA PenTest+ Certification In the job of penetration testing, individuals use various crucial tools and technologies used by hackers. The candidates also learn the complete hacking process and its working and techniques to identify the vulnerabilities by going through a specific process that hackers usually do.

Proving own knowledge:

The credential of CompTIA PenTest+ can be considered as proof that it enhances and checks the expertise which the individuals generally cover during their training phase. Apart from the following, the candidates are also provided with proper training materials to boost their knowledge.

Making a significant impact:

According to a survey conducted recently, the fact has been known that the professionals engaged in the field of Information Technology have skills in CompTIA PenTest+ show excellent performance compared to the non-certified individuals.

Developed by cybersecurity professionals:

The cybersecurity experts have innovated the credential of CompTIA PenTest+ with numerous years of experience. Their expertise has assisted in solving security problems to the enterprise level. The CompTIA PenTest+ credential examination questions are specifically innovated to support the functionality of the full certification.

Details of the examination:

The code of the examination which the candidates need to note is PTO-001. This protocol means the individuals have to appear all the examination questions within 2 hours 45 minutes. The number of questions that the individuals have to occur is 85. The candidates need to score 750 marks from 900 to qualify for the exam with distinction.


The credential holds the audacity to return a higher investment for its users regarding brand authorization. Thus the CompTIA certification becomes a vital factor in all spheres.