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Everything you need to know about Minju Kim, the Korean fashion designer 


A fashion designer from South Korea, Minju Kim, has currently made highlights in the fashion world. Minju Kim has recently won “Next in Fashion”, a reality tv show that’s trending on Netflix and has a capsule collection of hers that’s nearly sold out on Net-A-Porter. 


Even before she was showered with affection by her sartorial lovers, Kim was quite well known and had already set a mark with her design chops. The 34-year-old has dressed a few famous Korean artists, including Red Velvet and BTS and is therefore, adored by K-pop fans for her bold designs. 


A brief on Minju Kim’s life and career 


Minju Kim preferred to pursue design from a university because it made her feel the closest to fine art. At Seoul’s Samsung Art & Design Institute, Minju was introduced to the commercial side of the designing industry along with many intricate techniques. Her passion to acquire more knowledge on design didn’t just end her, but made Minju go for a masters degree in design as well from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts that’s situated in Belgium. 


Under the guidance and training of Walter Van Beirendonck, she honed her craft and developed a sort of future-take on traditional femininity. 


In 2014, Minju Kim was considered for a prestigious award,  LVMH. This took place after her graduation but even prior to Kim establishing her label completely. Ever since then, Kim has established her business successfully in Korea, having her sister in charge of the business’s operations.  

How has winning “Next in Fashion” impacted Minju’s life?


Minju Kim defeated seventeen candidates and secured $250,000 worth of investment along with a massive opportunity of  Net-A-Porter stocking her winning collection on winning Next in Fashion. Regardless of such success, Kim is known to stay level-headed and stated, “I’ve always worked really hard on every element of my collections, from developing the concept to designing prints and ultimately bringing it all to life. I put my heart and soul into my work and that’s what I’m going to continue doing.” 


It’s been five months since Kim has concluded the series and she’s now occupied with the production of her collection. She admitted that she never felt her life undergoing any major shifts until the series was released on the 29th of January. 


The South Korean fashion designer’s few accomplishments 


Minju Kim had created stage costumes for BTS’s “I Need U” and “DNA” world tours. In 2016, Red Velvet’s “One of these Nights” wardrobe was also designed by Kim. Her unique feminine details incorporating ruffles and bows were established during that time itself. 


“It is really interesting how Asian designers can combine their culture and story into their collections – the colour and traditional shape result in a beautiful aesthetic. When they show their roots, they express more unique concepts. This is how we offer a different point of view,” Kim had reflected.


It can be seen that Minju’s whimsical pieces take inspiration from her Asian roots. The fashion designer had beloved that taking a glimpse of her roots was exactly what provided her an edge over the others during the competition. She states that this is what will enable numerous Asian designers to create their Mark in the fashion industry as well.