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Everything You Need to Know About Pixel Pitch

Everything You Need to Know About Pixel Pitch

Nowadays, anywhere you go, especially in the big malls, you would find huge LED screens displaying the special characteristics of the mall or something about the location you are in. You would find such huge banners against the various app stores and software companies to display their new products and special features. However, do you know what is pixel pitch and what goes into making such LED screens?

Pixel pitch is the main tenet that goes behind the creation of such LED displays. Before we go into the deeper understanding of how it works, let us know what pixel pitch is;


What Is Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch refers to a technical unit measuring the distance between each pixel on the LED display. It will help you find out the differences between the various LED displays and symbolize a better resolution and startling image quality for the buyers. When the decision-makers have all the necessary information concerning Pixel pitch, they can decide on the image’s resolution, size of the display, distance for viewers, and the cost they need to incur. Pixel pitch also has diverse names such as stripe pitch, dot pitch, line pitch, phosphor pitch, etc., all of them signify the same meaning, I.e., the distance between the matrix of all pixels. The millimeter is the common unit of measurement of Pixels. 


Basics Of Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between the center of an LED package or cluster and the next LED package above, beside, or below it. Measured in Millimetres, the LED packages have their installation on modules that are the backplates and circuit boards. 

When you put such modules into large surfaces for display and use seamless tiles to fix them together, it results in LED video walls. The more you find LED packages installed on the modules, the higher the price will be. The small LED lights within the modules make up for most of the expenditure regarding the manufacture of LED displays. The internal wiring and the associated processes of manufacturing make up for the rest of the cost.


Working Of Pixel Pitch

When you decide on buying an LED screen, you need to be sure about which pixel pitch you are going to buy—the decision concerning pixel pitch swings between the price of the pixel and the one you need. An audio integrator with reliable experience supports any decision concerning pixel pitch. 

Pixel pitch falls in direct proportion with the cost and clarity of the image. When the pixel pitch rises from 2mm to 4mm, the number of pixels on a single LED cabinet becomes larger by 4 times. It symbolizes that the quality of the image will increase by 4 times in terms of resolution. Consequently, the prices would rise by 4 times the previous one. Therefore, you need to be very particular about the decision you take concerning pixel pitch and the viewing distance of the LED board you are installing.


Pixel Pitch and Goals Of Resolution

The Pixel pitch of LED displays comes in direct contact with the total footprint on the video wall when you decide on the display assembly. Such an aspect turns out to be true when you create a video wall with a particular resolution. A 4k presentation screen for a boardroom is a perfect example in this scenario.

A 4mm pitch of a LED display module has a lower number of pixels per module than a 1.5 mm one. Therefore, you can very well understand that a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels requires less space than predicted. It facilitates the various companies through the lesser materials for assembly and lower space for installing the LED display board without compromising resolution.


Pixel Pitch And Viewing Distance

The pixel pitch of a LED display matters when it comes to the viewing distance. When you go closer to the LED display, you will possibly witness every pixel differently with a black gap in between them. Such a situation brings down the viewing experience. Consequently, when you look at the screen from far, the picture seems seamless and flawless. The gaps are no more noticeable. Therefore, you need to maintain the necessary distance always.


Thus you can very well understand the importance and efficacy of the Pixel pitch. You get to witness the best quality picture that appeals to people’s eyes and does your job of presentation flawlessly. Right from boardrooms to advertisement billboards, Pixel pitch is the most sought-after product for upgrading displays.