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Everything you should know about billiard ball


Every snooker ball set and every pool game has a different type and size. The difference in friction and coating makes a difference in the game because it is so important in professional games. If a person is excited about the game, they will keep different billiard balls to play with. The billiard ball set is round balls that are used in all different versions of billiards. The types of supplies used in the game don’t seem to be very different, but they exist. Each different billiard game uses slightly different ball sizes and layers. 


A key difference is the number of balls used. Billiards uses 22 balls, including the cue ball known as the “forward” ball. The other balls used are fifteen red balls, one of which is yellow, brown, blue, pink, black, and green. The diameter of each ball is 2 1/16 inches. On the other hand, the snooker ball set uses only three balls: one white, one yellow, and one red, and both white and yellow can be used as shot balls. The diameter of the ball is 2 7/16 inches. In billiards, the number of balls can vary depending on the variant of the game, but the complete set of balls consists of 16 balls, each with a diameter of 2 1/4 inches: 8 pure coloured balls, numbered from 1 to 8, 7 The ball is a coloured stripe numbered 9 to 15 and a pure white “white ball”. 

In some pool games like three balls, the colour and number of balls are not important. In eight balls, ball through and other similar games, all sixteen balls are used. When playing Nine Ball, only target balls 1 to 9 are used. The game of billiards played on television uses billiard balls with unique colours to make it clear to the audience. Television is the main reason for the invention of the white ball “against measles”. There are many spots on its surface so that the audience can clearly see the rotation of the ball.

Each billiard game uses different billiard equipment. The game that uses the largest supply set is Carom. This game only uses three or four balls, one point for red, and white. Several games can be played with these items, and they are generally played on pool tables without pockets. The American billiard pool uses the next largest, all American games use pocket games, 16 of them. The first 7 balls are solid colours and the last 8 are stripes. 

In the snooker ball set, games are arranged in squares. Players can win a game by getting the most points, using the white ball to pack the red and coloured balls into the bag. The red ball is worth one point, the yellow ball two points, the green ball three points, the brown ball four points, the blue ball five points, the pink ball six points, and the black ball seven points.

The above-mentioned details will make it easier for you to learn to play and master it in the early days. You must understand that playing billiard ball set pool is easy, but different balls are suitable for different games. Knowing which billiard games use is very important. Impress your friends by talking to the members of the billiard club about the different types of billiards they carry. Knowing the right ball for different billiard games will provide you with useful skills that every billiard player should know.