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Everything you should know about signs for blind people in Dubai

signs for blind people dubai

Signs and their importance:

Signs are an important aspect of our urban lives. They inform, warn, direct, assist, guide, invite, welcome, and help us in our daily lives. We see them around us all the time. They are an integral element of our urban landscape. Dubai is no exception; it has its fair share of signs helping the residents to go about their daily lives.

Signs for blind people in Dubai:

Any urban-dwelling must provide an enabling environment to all its inhabitants allowing them to lead their lives without difficulty. We must not keep blind people out of the picture here. They require special signs that help them read the information provided by the signs. For this purpose, braille or tactile signs are used for blind people to guide them in their day-to-day lives.

Braille signs explained:

Braille signs comprise raised dots arranged in a way that blind people can understand by touching them. It is a complete language that blind people can understand and interpret. Signs for blind people Dubai are being used in important public places like government offices, hospitals, metro, airports, and many other places. These are manufactured by following the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This helps in maintaining a uniform standard for them.

Advantages of Braille signs:

There are multiple advantages of having Braille signs in and around the city. It gives an equal opportunity to blind people to carry out their routine life with minimum external help. It provides them a sense of independence, a feeling of belonging, and an air of confidence about themselves. It can also bring blind people from other countries to Dubai as they know they know the city is serving them well with Braille signs.


Braille signs in private spaces:

If you are a business owner, you will do well if you install braille signs in and around your premises. It shows that you are an equal opportunity employer. You do not judge people based on a physical handicap; rather, their skill and expertise are more important to you. Many visually impaired persons are serving well in organizations. They can use computers using the braille language and find their way taking help from these signs. You can easily find a braille sign manufacturing company in Dubai.

Installation of Braille signs:

Braille signs should be installed at strategic points to benefit from them so that the maximum number of blind people could benefit. They should be placed both indoors and outdoors for better guidance to blind people. Ease of access should be a major consideration too. The signs should be kept clear of any obstructions and hindrances. The users of these signs cannot take care of their maintenance; it is the city administration’s duty and the general public that such signs are kept clean and in functional condition.

Sign making companies in Dubai:

There are many blind sign-making companies in Dubai. If you want to have them installed in your area, choose an outdoor sign company in Dubai that provides the best quality at a reasonable price.

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