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Evolution of Business Cards


The purpose behind having a business card is to introduce yourself and your business to others by creating no misunderstanding. Meanwhile, these business cards have their history. They are originated from previous years in different forms. Hence, after its evolution, it transforms into a business card. So, it is compulsory to have a brief knowledge about the history of the business card. Now a day’s people customize business card boxes as well to add a taste of charm to their business glow. So, let’s discuss major points:

The Inventing Backbone of the Business Cards

In the era of the 15th century, the Chinese have invented this custom to send cards to the people to visit them. Hence, the first originated name of the cards was visiting cards that also known as Meshi. These cards use for the monarchs and the aristocrat’s invitations. Through these cards, people know about the sophisticated attitude of the sender. Hence cards were shapes and resized in a different form to impress the big name of the royal families. Besides that, the most useable visiting cards of this ere was:

• Goldsmith and engraved visiting card

• Florist trading card

• Play cards

So, these are the variant forms of the business card that evolves and make a final card that is a business card which you can fantastic look with boxes for business cards Now let’s discuss the days when it becomes the most useable thing among human beings.

The Two Historic Categories of the Business Cards

Business cards come out through the evolution of two prominent cards procedure. Meanwhile, these cards are used for separate purposes as the name shows. so, let’s discuss them one by one:

• Visiting cards

• Trade cards

ü The importance of visiting cards

In apparency, these cards were really small and easily place in the pocket. Besides that, people send them to the desiring people for their warm welcome. Over time, cards also evolved and were created in the new venture. Meanwhile, the beauty of the cards increased by adding the taste of embossing and embossing with gold and silver coating.

• The kings used these cards to invite the beautiful ladies to impress them

• The attractive cards were the main domain in maintaining the personal status in a monarchy

• These cards were considered the best interaction source among the kings and queens

• Hence, you can also call it the reason for successful business and dating as well

ü The worth of trade cards were also high

In the 17th century, people were in search to contact with people to expand their business status. Then they invented cards called trade cards. This trade card helps them to contact various clients that help them in expanding the business status. There were some rules for the trade cards like:

• Trade cards printed out on both sides

• The one side of the trading card contains the information related to the professionalism of the business

• But on the other side, the location of the business print in the form of a map. So, that clients can search them easily without any disturbance.

Let’s Have a Wider Look at the Etiquette Evolving for the Business Cards

In the era of monarchs, these cards use to impress and express your authority on others. It gives the expression of better etiquettes of someone’s personality. Meanwhile, people of modern days have done a lot of changes in making these cards. Hence, now they called it business cards. So, the expression of someone’s identity related to their business’s work can judge through the vision of their businesses card. That’s why people make these cards in different designs to challenge the world to beat them. For that instance, they have the chance to upgrade their businesses statutes as well in front of the others.

Days When Business Cards Become the Reason of Necessity for Everyone

The use of business cards increased in the 17th century for the promotion of business goods. Many businesses have started to promote their brand through unique business cards. Besides that, they got the chance to explore their business in front of the viewers without communicating with them. Hence it becomes the most reliable method for all the businesses to expand the business things. In that regard, the best style of business card contain:

• The name of the business that would be the logo of the brand company

• Business holders put their slogans on the business card to attract the customers

• The name of the businessman would place in the center of the card

• After that, placed out the address of your business to make the find out easier for others

• Also mentioned email, your phone number, and URL of the website to make your business more prominent

If we are talking about the backside of the business card, then mostly it remains empty. you can invite your business partners to your party or functions with boxes for invitations But it depends on the choice of the business holders as well. For instance, if you are visiting another country. Then you must have translated business cards as well. In this way, they will easily understand your stance on entering their country.

You Can Exchange Business Cards by Following the Old and New Methods

In the previous eras, monarchs were invited through the enveloped form of cards. Hence, people used the feature to write the invited lines for the invitees. This way put fine gesture on the monarchs. They felt overwhelmed by taking the invitation cards that are now molded into business cards.

As time passed, the method of exchanging the business card also upgraded. In this way, most of the business’s men were invited by the ceremonies where they can drop their cards to the people. Hence, it is a natural way when you meet someone for the first time you drop your card. So, they can contact you anytime. Hence this way is applicable when you are in hurry and you are not getting time to meet the desiring person. Then, through your business card, you can contact that person without any delay. So, these are the best ways to exchange your cards among people.