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Expectation V/S Reality: What Recruiter Looks for in a Resume


Job searching can be both easy and tough. When the market has requirements, it is the easiest time to reach and connect with more opportunities. Making an impressive resume can be very confusing and different from our approaches. It is not tough to understand the demand of the recruiter and fulfill it with the two-three pages of resume writing.

Expectations from job seeker and their resume vary for different markets. As no one knows you from before, the resume is the only way to tell them about yourself. People who are stepping into a new career are more afraid of writing in resume. Career change is a big decision and requires a lot of courage to do so. You might be thinking, what to insert and what to ignore, or what does a recruiter look for in your resume?

As a job consultant, I have seen many people in five years of my career. Some of them were forced to do the job without their interest, some came in influence, and some found themself interested but not skilled in that profession. Here is some guidance according to my experience with job seekers that will reflect and make clear what a recruiter looks for in your resume.

Before you create or submit your resume for a job, you should take some expectation v/s reality checks. Know what recruiters really want and what job seekers expect that they do.

E – Include All Roles & Responsibilities to Impact Better

R – Relevancy Between the Job Title & Responsibility

It really feels proud to show various abilities or responsibilities in your resume. But can you really handle them? Don’t just write anything in your resume to look different from others.

Only use the relevant roles & responsibilities that you can handle in your future job profile.

E – Years of Experience in Big Companies.

R – Consistency in the Job Experience

Many people think that stating we have worked with a successful company can help to grab the job opportunity, but it is a myth. The recruiter checks if you have consistency in your job experience or not. Even if you worked in a start-up, have your presence helped them in heading a step forward?

So whatever you have done before, highlight the changes that you implemented through your last job profile.

E – Add All the Skills for Namesake Just to Achieve Job

R – Skills Suitable for the Job Offered & an Urge for Learning

Many seekers just want to take the job by hook or crook as they forget that it can affect your future in the company. These namesake skills can affect your reputation in your chosen company if you fail to show the skills in real.

To maintain suitable skills according to the offered job profile and show your urge of learning new things.

E – Great Educational Achievements & High Results  

R – Educational Achievements & Results to Know the Dedication

Job seekers think that they should add all their educational achievements to impress the recruiter, but truly your achievements and results are just a way to express your abilities to work hard, dedication towards tasks, and punctuality for deadlines.

So instead of showing off with your results and achievements, try to present them with decency and a good outcome.

E – Insert Everything, Doesn’t Matter If It Makes Sense

R – Easy Readability and Only Important Information

Many job seekers insert various details they have, even it is relevant or appraising the resume or not. That is absolutely wrong in the view of the recruiters like us. You should try to add only the most important information about yourself.

So, present all the important information about you that a recruiter should know in a way that it will be easily readable and understood by the recruiter.

E – Use Whatever Style or Tone of Language

R – Language Style and Tone Should be Formal

Writing is a game of language style and tone. Job seekers should know that the casual style or slang doesn’t reflect professionalism, and it can’t be a choice of a recruiter. The recruiter expects that you should maintain a formal language style with a decent tone to impress the employers.

So, try to maintain a formal style in order to get shortlisted for good employment.

E – Use a Standard Format

R – How You Can Best Format Your Resume

Using a common and standard format of resume is very obvious and doesn’t make your personality stand out. You should add some creativity to it. Many people reach to the resume writing services to get an impressive and innovative resume as the experts have a great skill to present the various responsibilities, skills, achievements, with a perfect tone and style of language.

So, use some innovation or creativity in your resume, and make it stand out with your personality.

Bonus Tip – In this changing and progressing world, our way of approach should also change. That’s why the recruitment team is stepping ahead with video profiles. You can create your video profile to reflect the best parts of you and be the first priority of the hiring managers.

As per my experience, this new technique is the better way to introduce yourself and impress employers. You can reach the best choice for you by expressing your point of view towards the offered job profile and the company of the recruiters.


All the above points are for both the type of job seekers, who want a career change and who wants to stick with their present career. Job seekers should make their resume interesting and better so that the hiring manager should show some interest in them. Prepare a resume that can help you to get maximum opportunities. Don’t stick with limitations; instead, do something out of the line and stand out with a personal brand.

Personal branding can help you in enhancing your job searches. It can open a wide range of writing in your field of interest. Plan some ways and tricks to look the same as you want to portray yourself in someone’s mind.


Eric Jones is a postgraduate and is currently working with a recruiter consultancy and also part timely writes blogs for Assignment Prime for the past three years. He provides assistance and guidance to job seekers so that they increase their chances of selection in their field. He has helped many people who wanted to change their careers after the age of 35. He believes that everyone has the courage and skills to become what they want. Also, in his free time, he goes out camping or hiking with his friends.