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Exploring the Iron Horse properties of heavy-duty tarps from polyester canvas


Tailormade for tarpaulins, Iron Horse is a very durable and strong polyester fabric. The manufacturers treat the blend of polyester tarp fabric with silicone to ensure breathability. The result is sturdy, waterproof and heavyduty tarps. Iron Horse polyester tarps are superb tools for shade structures, canopies, and awnings.

  • Since the fabric is stain-resistant, you can also use them extensively as truck covers, boat covers, and outdoor/patio furniture covers.
  • Since Iron Horse tarpaulin doesn’t emit any chemical odor, they are ideal for use in camps as a sell.
  • They are available in brown, grey, white, tan, and blue, and green.
  • These tarps have specific cut sizes, which you can customize according to your needs.
  • Extremely durable, they are twice as stronger as regular cotton canvas. Its dry finish ensures zero chemical baggage or staining on the surface.
  • The manufacturers cut the 15 OZ per square yard. They finish smaller post the sewing process.

These tarps have double thick and wide hems. The grommets on each side are approximately at a length of two feet from each other. You can find additional sizes with a custom quote.

Thriving on canvas tarps

You also call the 14.5-ounce sturdy polyester canvas tarps, heavy-duty iron horse tarps. These heavy-duty tarps get that recognition because they are twice as strong and durable as the common cotton canvas covers.

  • Most of the covers are US-made. You can find 100% polyester blend canvas, Iron horse tarps. Their yarns entail extensive silicone treatment for resisting tears, fatigue, and mildew.
  • The manufacturers craft these tarps with seams with the lock-stitching mechanisms. The hems are triple in terms of thickness. They don’t shrink or bleed, regardless of your location or weather conditions.
  • You can choose from six to seven colors to customize your order. There are 100 sizes for each tarp segment.
  • The companies space grommets at a distance of 24 inches from one another. You can use these for protecting outdoor furniture, equipment, and roofing materials, and boats.
  • You can also use the tarps for waterproof polyester canvas canopies and duck blinds.


The Iron horse blend

You will find that the heavy-dutytarps from the Iron Horse canvas fold is very popular because of their seamless blending with polyester fabric. The companies treat each yarn with silicone. The price range is $85-$8,300. The standard weight is 7.00 lbs.

You can choose from popular colors like tan, grey, black, olive, and blue and white. A breathable tarp means that it eliminates moisture and condensation, which is why they are perfect for patio covers and camping sites.

There’s often a misconception that only cotton canvas covers are water-resistant. No, they are not the sole kings in this regard. The heavy-duty Iron Horse, the polyester blend is also right up there. You can also use them as boat storage covers, canopies, and steel hauler covers.

If you’re interested in technical data of these tarps, you will find that the common parameters are fabric type, yarn count, tensile strength, grab, strip, tongue, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, water-repelling properties, and water resistance and total weight.


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