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Face recognition security system Brisbane


Over the last 10 years, the demand for security locking systems in Brisbane has increased dramatically. When I first came to Brisbane 40 years ago, it was so easy to enter through numerous unsecured doors. These doors in many government departments and businesses didn’t really have a discernible way to control people. With the arrival of terrorism in the early 1990s security managers were put on notice. Slowly these “insecure” doors became locked to non-authorized persons. Prox card and pin code security systems soon popped up and these generally work well. However, when compared to a Face Recognition security system they appear as primitive.


Face recognition security has been developing slowly and has now reached a new developmental point. The technology is extremely reliable and secure and the price has also dropped significantly. Older FR systems were slow to recognize an authorized face and in some cases could allow entry to an unauthorized face. Our latest FR system can identify you from its stored database and release the door in less than 1 second. Our new Face Recognition systems can also be controlled from any web-connected computer. Adding and deleting users is just a click of the mouse.

Lock Integration

It’s worth noting there are many FR systems available, however, it’s the integration between the door lock and closing device that becomes critical. I have seen numerous Face recognition systems that look great. Alas, they are connected to a domestic grade lock that is easily cracked open. The door closing mechanism must also work correctly. If the door closer operating cycle is slow it will allow people to follow someone through. This is a serious breach of the system and a very low-tech bypass method.

There are a number of different face recognition systems now available and they all work roughly the same way. Some have larger database capacity, or the option to release the door remotely. Some systems can interface the entry logs into a payroll system. Regardless of your specific requirements, we can tailor a face recognition security system to your needs. We also strongly recommend a site survey is performed. This will allow us to quote the installation of the best lock for your situation. Call or email us for a no-obligation quotation.