Top 5 Benefits Of Facebook Widget for Website

Facebook is considered the most prominent social networking website. With a reach of 59% of social media users, the most compared to all the other platforms, Facebook has captured a vast user base. It still … Read More

facebook widget for website

Facebook is considered the most prominent social networking website. With a reach of 59% of social media users, the most compared to all the other platforms, Facebook has captured a vast user base. It still records 2.80 billion monthly active users and is visited by 1.84 billion users daily.

According to a survey, more than 200 million small businesses are using Facebook’s tools. With such numbers, it has become impossible for marketers to ignore it as part of their marketing plan. 

As marketers keep looking for new strategies and the Facebook widget for website has surfaced as one of the best tools present in the market to collect Facebook feeds to display on the website. This tool holds the key to an effective strategy as it helps you to bring all content across the platform in one single feed that you can showcase on your website.

As the need for a Facebook widget is fascinating enough, let’s understand about a it and its importance for a business.

What is Facebook Widget?

Facebook Widget is an impressive and economic suite tool for your website which aggregates all Facebook posts related to your business into one unified presentation. You can access the feed with the help of an aggregator like Tagembed, Elfsight,, which are easily available and are cheaper than a Facebook advertisement. 

You can monitor, curate, and customize the content as per your need to display it on your website. Adding to that, you can customize the banner, theme, and font of the widget and make it look presentable according to your requirements. 

There are far more benefits of embedding Facebook feed widget on your website. And here are some significant benefits this tool contains.

Why To Use Facebook Widget For Website

1. Makes your website eye-catching

It is crucial to have an interactive website to attract users in this internet era. One of the main features of an interactive website is regular updates, and these updates can be blogs, posts, or Facebook-related feeds.

Facebook widget fulfills that need by displaying the latest Facebook posts related to your business and makes your website presentable and catchy. 

Latest Facebook feeds will keep your website up to date and will be more appealing for visitors. 

2. Increases engagement with the users

Displaying UGC on the website makes a user feel valued. This also motivates customers to create content for your brand to get a special feature on the website.

This increases the engagement with the user, which is usually a difficult task for any business. And the user feels involved with the brand.

Marketers are now considering UGC as an effective marketing strategy. According to a recent study, user-generated content featuring a brand drove 6.9x higher engagement than brand-generated content on Facebook.

3. Increases traffic on the website

With the help of the Facebook widget, you can curate the content on the website and make it more brand-appropriate and engaging for the user. 

With such engaging content on the interface, a potential customer would like to spend more time on the website, which leads to an increase in website traffic.

Displaying live user-generated content makes the website’s display more vibrant, and as it is operated in real-time, it provides the user more content to explore.

4. Customizable feed widget

Facebook widget enhances your website visuals, and by customizing the widget, you can add charm to the website.

Selecting different layouts, themes, and templates makes the widget more attractive and catches the user’s attention. And hence converting a visitor into a potential lead.

An alluring interface drives visitors to spend more time on the website and explore more about the brand.

5. Provides credibility to your brand

Facebook is one of the most trusted social media platforms. Customers providing their feedback on Facebook develops credibility for the brand.

A user can generate trust by reading reviews and discovering the content featured on your website from the Facebook feed widget. This also provides social proof to the user and helps in developing some interest in the product. Embed Facebook feed provides word of mouth for the brand, as users always showcase more trust to the reviews than a marketing tactic. These help the businesses to convert a potential customer to a loyal customer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The Final Note

Facebook widget is one of the essential tools of a social media aggregator. It makes your website attractive, gathers traffic, and develops social proof for the business. The widget is efficient and economical, which makes it a part of an appropriate marketing plan. As now you know the charm this widget can create, you shouldn’t miss out on this impressive tool to do wonders for you. 

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