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Factors that determine Approval of Personal Loan for Self Employed


The modern structure of employment rests on businesses. Ideas are being worked upon to form successful businesses. Gone are the days when little income and salary were enough to meet the needs. Apart from fixed obligations that are routine made, new expenses are coming up every month without any notice. It can be an unplanned pregnancy, a trip, a medical emergency, or a wedding. If you are self-employed, you know how the pandemic has hit hard the market that was growing. Things are now standstill, especially the finances. It is becoming difficult for self-employed individuals to sustain the businesses. This is the moment when you are forced to borrow. You go for a personal loan to either meet up with your regular expenses or some big-ticket expense. A personal loan in Chennai is beneficial as it comes with no rigidity in end-use. It is affordable and works quickly without much documentation. However, the eligibility criteria and factors are different if you are self-employed and not salaried. To find out the factors that you need to work on, keep reading.

  • Type of business: A business that you are running is an important factor that gets you a personal loan for salaried.  What kind of business are you in? Is it something that the market is looking for? When the business is promising and it will surely gain a good market cap, the loan providers surely find some relief. However, if you are in something completely new in the market, there will be chances that you need to prove yourself for obtaining instant personal loan. No one is going to trust you on profit and stability in the market. A business that is not stable, will not give you loan approval. So, make sure you are having a business that has a promising future.
  • Continuity of business: How long are you in the market? Have you just started? These are the questions that you will have to face. If you are there in the market for a good number of years, there is security and stability. However, for a newly formed business, it can anytime dissolve. This is where a loan provider will think before offering you a personal loan. You need to convince your loan provider about your plans and strategies to make it work. If you can impress, you get your fund without any hurdle.
  • Credit score: A credit score is the best way to get approval or rejection. It is surely not the only factor that is important, but surely a key to approval. A credit score is given to every individual with a credit record and background. It takes into account all your financial actions and activities that need to be counted. If you check your score, you will find a score and that is different for everyone. Do you know what gets you that score? Every minute detail from a bank account, credit card, payment, bill payments, loan, loan EMI and repayment details are responsible for this score. If you have been responsible from day one, you will have a good score. When you give an application for a loan, the loan provider will first check your score and then go ahead. This is an important factor for you, as a self-employed person to get a personal loan.
  • Income: What is your income from the business? Is it getting you to profit or is it running in loss? Your income is solely responsible to get you a personal loan. If you are taking a personal loan you will have to repay it along with an extra rate of interest. So, if your income is not as it should be, borrowing is a wrong step. The loan provider will surely check your income and ability to pay your EMI, only then things work. If it is found that your debit side is moving heavier than your credit side in business, it becomes difficult to offer. This becomes risky, and no loan provider would like to be at risk. If you feel you need a loan, you need to work on your income. This is an important factor and not negotiable.
  • Debt to income ratio: Are your ongoing a debt? What percentage of your income goes into paying your EMI already? Are you ready for a new debt? If a loan provider finds that a good chunk of the amount is already used for your ongoing EMI, it will be rejected. No one will offer you a loan if your debt to income ratio is not having a good balance. It is recommended that you finish off debt and only then go for a new one. Work on this factor to make sure you are getting approval.

Summing up

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