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Features and Advantages of Compact Wall Hung Toilet

Compact wall hung toilet

Compact Wall Hung Toilet

It is obvious that toilets are an essential need of every household. Today, these are available in various designs that range from a Compact wall hung toilet to traditional close coupled styles. While in the past, the bathrooms were simple, the focus was on practicality only. However, with time, people realized the importance of aesthetics besides utility. Moreover, there was an emerging need for fixtures that can fit into smaller spaces like cloakrooms. If you want to achieve ultimate aesthetics and practicality, then it was important to use the available space wisely. And toilets were not different from it. 

What Is a Compact Wall Hung Toilet?

Compact wall hung toiletAs the name implies, it is essentially a type of toilet that is compact as well as mounted on the wall. These are the shape or design features that make it a right fit for smaller spaces or cloakrooms. However, homeowners not only prefer installing them in a place with limited space but also for larger bathrooms. It is due to its luxurious and aesthetically pleasing looks. 

Advantages of Compact Wall Hung Toilet

By installing a Compact wall hung toilet, you can expect the following benefits

  • Minimalistic Design. :  The main advantage of this type of toilet is that it is a minimalist design. That means it performs all the functions of a standard toilet but by taking minimum space. It has with all the essential features that you may want to have. And will not make it look too full.
  • Space-Saving Design. :  Another major benefit of a compact design is that it helps saving space. First, the cistern is fixed in the wall so, it does not require any space in the bathroom as other toilets do. Secondly, it is a compact design that further saves few inches.
  • Height Adjustment:  An amazing feature of this toilet type is that you can adjust its height as per your requirements. It is because its cistern will be in the wall that attaches to the bowl through a frame. If you want to take the cistern up or down, it is possible. So, if someone in your home has a longer or shorter height, then it is possible with this toilet type.


  • Spacious Feel:  Like the bowl, when fixed, floats on the wall, the space under it will remain empty. That is great for a small bathroom. It is because leaving space in an already congested washroom will create a feeling of spaciousness.


  • Easier Cleaning:  Many people don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning their bathrooms.  If you are among them, then this style of toilet can be of great help. It is because of the only bowl that will need cleaning. While with others, you may have to clean a cistern as well. So, it will be quicker and easier with it.
  • Comfortable for Elderly and Disabled:  Compact wall hung toilet is incredibly easier to clean, it is because it is easily accessible and simple to use. Therefore, elderly people can benefit from it. If you have an elderly or a person with limited mobility, then it can be a suitable choice for you.

Are there any disadvantages of a Compact wall hung toilet?

Like everything else, these toilets also have cons. The first can be its cost. When comparing it with other options, these have higher buying costs as well as installation costs. In addition to that, their installation is quite complex, and you will have to break the wall to fix the cistern in it. 

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