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Features of Tractor Tyres


Tractor tyres are manufactured with reinforced support and are composed of compounds with higher solidity in order to wear resistance. Also, not all tractor tyres are the same.

The tread form can also vary accordingly. There is also a specific numbering system which helps us to know about the size of the tyre. The first number is before “x”  indicates the diameter of the tyre, the no. which comes between “x” and “-” tells about its width, while the last number indicates the width of the rim.

Vredestein Tractor Tyres can weigh approximately up to 60 kilograms. It’s not always compulsory for them to have tubes within; some are also tubeless, which offers various advantages like slower air leakage or can emit heat better. Tractor tyres are further described in the following sub-headings:

Vredestein Tractor Tyres

Features Based On Their Application

We have divided the features of tractor tyres into different points for you to understand better.

  • When they are to be used for the construction of highways and so, which includes larger rock movements, they are supposed to have higher load-carrying capacity. They should possess speed up to 40- 80 kilometre per hour and a considerable hall length.
  • When it comes to military services, they should be able to perform over different surfaces.  More or less, security and authenticity are always expected.

Thus, in general, tyres that have higher load carrying and floating capacities while requiring less maintenance are considered good for use.

Types and size

  • Large diameter: Tyres give various advantages. They can help in carrying larger loads and also have proper flotation capacity.
  • Wide base: Wide base tyres can be beneficial over normal tyres. Having a wider base can reduce pressure tension to a greater extent. Lesser pressure can also reduce the chances of damage from stones or from other objects.

Brand based characterisation

  • Apollo: Apollo tyres are very famous among Indian farmers. They are known to be extremely smooth on fields while providing better traction over roads. They offer unique tread designs keeping safety in mind. They are also available at affordable prices.
  • Good year tractor tyre: These tyres are specially designed to be used over Indian land thus are more in demand. They are cheaper, which makes them a better choice for farmers who cannot afford to pay higher amounts. Moreover, they also offer smoothness over fields.
  • Birla tyres: Their tread pattern provides resistance to cuts, damages or cracks; this helps in enhancing its life. Its motive is to provide a safer experience.

Tyre pressure

Pressure plays a very important role in the maintenance of tyres. Having the wrong amount of pressure can cause an impact on the performance of the vehicle, on the condition of the tyre and also on soil condensation.

Incorrect tyre pressure can also consume more power due to increased resistance. Also, the area of contact of the Cheap Tractor Tyres is also dependent on the pressure within them.

  • Less inflated tyre: under-inflation can lead to more tyre wear, and the vehicle can experience more resistance leading to more fuel consumption which will cause a direct impact on your pocket.
  • Overinflated tyre: over-inflation can also lead to or cause more tyre wear and higher fuel consumption. It can also affect the tyre’s life.
  • 20% over-inflation can cause up to 30-35% performance loss.
  • 20% under-inflation can cause upto 25-30% performance loss.


  • Size: It determines friction and rolling resistance.
  • Strength: It determines the load capacity of the tyres. If tyres with lesser strength are subjected to heavy loads, damage can be caused to both the tyre and vehicle.