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Features to look for in the school visitor management system!


We need good security in schools for the students there and with the technology; there are so many systems that can be used in the school to keep track of the visitors in the school. So if you are looking for a visitor management system for schools then you have come to the right page as well. It is going to let you know all the things that you need to know about this system and the features you should look for in this. We will mention all the features that will make this system best for your school and will take care of the safety of the students in the school as well.

Authenticated check-in

This feature should be there in any system for visitor management. This will make sure that whenever a visitor is going to enter the school premises they will have to fill in the details and once those details are verified only then they will be allowed entry into the school. This will make sure that the people who are not verified get entry into the premises. This is very safe and the system can be very useful. This process will be seamless when you are using the best visitor management system in your school and everything will be threat-free.

Contactless verification

Seeing the ongoing situation of Covid-19, many systems are not opting for a contactless verification process in which the face reorganization, scanning the QR code from the smartphones can be used for verification. This will make sure that there is no compromise on the verification part and also the distancing is also maintained so that the school premise is safe and secure of both threats as well as any signs of infection.

Real-time data

An ideal school visitor management will be able to generate data and a dashboard will keep track of the activities in the school on a real-time basis. This will make sure that things are going in a smooth way on the campus. This will monitor the staying in time of the parents, teachers, and students if required. This can be tracked easily if you are using good software on the school campus.

Notifications and alerts

There could be many situations where the staff needs to take immediate action. It is good that these visitor management systems are taking track of the activities in the school, but they should also be able to generate quick notifications and alerts whenever there is something wrong. Prompt alerts can be very useful in tackling the situation on time and this will make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Along with these features, visitor check in software should also have a good UI to use and should be user-friendly as well as that the staff does not face any issues while using them.

With these features, you can make sure that the software that you are using in your school is good and will be able to keep the campus safe and secure.