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Field Reporting: Eliminate Time Wastage


Are you a business owner or manager looking to run a successful enterprise? Or are you looking to start a new business and are wondering what to do to succeed? There are so many factors you need to put into consideration; time management is one of them.

Succeeding in business is not just about getting profits; it’s about exploiting all your opportunities to get the maximum possible profits. That means running your business to get the maximum revenue possible at the lowest possible cost. Most people often focus more on the first part but not so much on the second one. They forget that minimizing cost is equally as important as maximizing revenue.

Minimizing cost is, in simple terms, reducing and eliminating the wastage of your valuable business resources. These include

  • Physical resources
  • Financial resources
  • Intellectual resources
  • Human resources

Of these four, eliminating wastage on human resources, and, in particular, time, is the most challenging of them all. While this is the case, doing so is necessary to maximize your business profits. So, how can you eliminate time wastage in your business?

Although there are several ways you can use it, business field reporting is the method tested and proven to bear the best results.

Understanding Field Reporting: What is it?

A Field report is a document that contains the description and analysis of observations of all activities and processes to identify and fix issues within a business. PPMS Field reporting is the process of writing these reports.

How Does Field Reporting Eliminate Time Wastage in Your Business?

Days when field reporting was all about paperwork -full of human errors- are behind us. Today, the process is much faster, free of errors, and more convenient, and it’s all thanks to technology.

To eliminate time wastage in your business, all you need is a tracking tool such as an employee attendance app which will allow you to

  • Monitor where your employees are in real-time
  • Monitor their activities; projects, tasks, and other work-related activities
  • Monitor their attendance: their arrival and departure to and from the office, employee absenteeism, time offs, and the reasons.

How will this information help you?

  1. By monitoring your employees’ activities, not only will you know the exact time they spend working on their tasks and projects but also for the other things that have little to do with their job. These include time spent on their phones, social media, lunch breaks, and so on. You will know precisely how many of the productive hours they waste and deal with the problem accordingly. Apart from that, you will also secure effective and efficient project and task management in your business.
  2. Monitoring your employees’ attendance will help you eliminate unnecessary absenteeism and ensure time accountability.
  3. Knowing your employees’ locations will help you determine their availability which will come in handy when planning your meeting with your employees.


With an employee attendance app, you can tell just about anything you need to know about your employees. As a result, you will be able to identify and solve any time wastages to ensure a smooth workflow, ultimately boosting your business productivity.