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Finding an Option for a Dedicated Server? Switch to MilesWeb


Had hosted your website on a VPS but not able to manage the high website traffic? Switch to dedicated server.

A dedicated server is specially designed to host large business websites that receive heavy traffic. A dedicated server is completely dedicated to you, it means there is no other user sharing the server. This ensures high security in comparison to other types of hosting.

Check below the six things to consider while selecting a dedicated server:

1. Understand the Performance Requirements

The performance requirements for servers of every company are different. It depends on the number of users expected, the type of services you plan to provide, etc. Once these numbers are defined, you will get to know about the number of servers needed and the type of hardware to be used. It is essential to check if your services are CPU, disk space or memory intensive. This will give you an insight on hardware requirements. When you select the right blend, it will significantly improve the performance of your server.

2. Think About the Potential Downtime

How your business will be affected if there is anything wrong on the server? The most important benefit of a dedicated server is that you don’t share server resources with other. But the disadvantage is that since you have a single server, there are possibilities of failure. In case, there isn’t any option for scaling to multiple dedicated servers (where potential downtime is avoidable), you will need to find the amount of potential downtime you can take a risk of.

3. Calculate Bandwidth Usage in Advance

The amount of bandwidth needed depends on the prediction of the data traffic. In case you are going to need a lot of bandwidth, but the predictability is low, you can select a package offering a lot of data traffic or even undeterred bandwidth. This will make it easy for you to know the money you will be needed for your dedicated server.

4. Test Network Quality

The physical location of a dedicated server and the quality of the network of a hosting provider determine the network quality. The physical location of your dedicated server directly affects the end users. For example, if your customers are located in UK and you are hosting your website on an Indian data-center, the data delivery will be quite slow.

Also, the quality of the hosting provider’s network defined the data delivery. If you want to check more about network quality, you can check your potential provider’s Network Operation Center (NOC) page and test their network. Most hosting providers offer this option.

5. Check for Application Scalability

Does your application scale easily? Can you add more servers and if yes, will that help in growing the number of end-users?

Some applications aren’t easily salable to multiple devices. It is hard to ensure that a database is running on multiple servers as it is required to be matched over all database servers. Instead, moving the database to server with more capacity, faster storage and RAM would be sensible. Hence, moving to a cloud environment can be a good idea. In this way, you can instantly clone a server to manage the load and add it to the load balanced. This helps in balancing the workload on multiple servers.

6. Choose a Hosting Provider

When you find a right hosting provider, it will act as a knowledge partner in the complete selection process of your hosting. Their engineers and specialists help to answer your questions and have a strong customer base who, if asked, should happily provide you with a reference. The hosting provider should have good experience and expertise, show commitment and dedication by treating your business like it’s their own.

You might find that it requires in-depth knowledge for selecting a dedicated server with so many factors to check. But it doesn’t have to be. You just need to define your achievements as a company and select a trusted web host to find the perfect solution and set your company up for long term goals and success.


MilesWeb, an industry leading web host was started in 2012. They are an award-winning web hosting company that offers various web hosting solutions to meet the needs of all types of businesses.  Shared, reseller dedicated, cloud, WordPress and VPS hosting are the web hosting solutions offered by them. They are serving over 20,000 customers and the number is speedily growing. The y have a expert customer support team that ensures their customers get solutions to their queries instantly via live chat and email. The team is available 24/7/365.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans


  • Choose Your Control Panel
  • Multiple Choice of Operating Systems
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • SSH Root Access
  • High-Performance Guaranteed
  • Free Setup Without Any Contract
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • 100% Dedicated Resources
  • Customizable
  • Hardware Level Control
  • Powerful Server

Customer Reviews

Customer-Review-MilesWebThe Verdict

MilesWeb offers bare metal dedicated servers to a single tenant along with complete access to the hardware. You get a fully isolated environment which ensures strong security. Businesses that run services and operations requiring highly efficient computing hardware for executing can opt for MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting without any second thought.